Previous eToro Analyst to Offer Training Videos for Cointelligence

Mati Greenspan, the financial-markets analyst who resigned a month ago from crypto-friendly trading platform eToro to begin his own research and consulting company, intends to provide training videos on trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through the site Cointelligence. 

Greenspan, whose new company Quantum Economics focuses in research and analysis on financial markets, states the new online training course will incorporate some interactive features and will probably cover trading techniques, along with as a comprehensive overview of the cryptocurrency industry and economic topics that could influence the cost of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

The course will be released “soon,” stated Greenspan. He anticipates providing some in-depth but extensive examination of the cryptocurrency markets.

“Crypto has to be seen from a macro perspective,” Greenspan stated.

Greenspan, 36, developed a following in the cryptocurrency market as a senior market expert for eToro, which began as a foreign-exchange site, but pivoted in 2017 to include a focus on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Cointelligence focuses on crypto-centered instructional courses and market-surveillance instruments, including an exchange-rating framework, as per its site. The organization additionally offers research to corporate customers on blockchain and digital currency topics. Cointelligence CEO On Yavin affirmed the plan with Greenspan by means of WhatsApp message.

Greenspan’s new company is one of a developing number of research shops established as of late to offer analysis on digital currencies; a role regularly played in conventional financial markets by Wall Street brokerages and credit-rating companies.