PixelBit (PXB)

    The First Digital Currency for Gamers and Game Developers

    PixelBit is a revolutionary system aiming to reinvent gaming. It offers an inherently valuable and unified currency to act as the foundation for cross-platform, cross-game trading, and purchases. Engaging and profitable for both players and game developers, PixelBit is building a living ecosystem around in-game trading, making gaming more worthwhile and fun.

    Gaming is among the most rapidly growing markets in recent years. The broader gaming sector has been exploring more ways to make revenue. Most of these ways include microtransactions, often involving some type of digital currency: silver bars, rubies, gems, and more. With the emergence of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, new possibilities for how financial and data transactions are handled online have emerged.

    The blockchain has opened new doors for the gaming industry. PixelBit aims to use digital currency for in-game purchases and implement a means to earn real-world currency during gameplay. The PXB token is a dedicated digital currency built on the Ethereum blockchain which acts as a foundation for in-game purchases.

    PixelBit targets game developers and players by delivering a disruptive system rewarding them to create and play. It disrupts online gaming by offering an innovative and universal solution for online gambling, microtransactions, and more. It aims to create a revolutionary system that rewards game developers to execute as well as offers tangible, real-world incentives to the players of PXB-powered games.

    PixelBit allows game developers to handle their in-game purchases through a cryptocurrency compatible across various platforms and games. By enabling gamers to earn while playing and spend their earnings for in-game incentives and additional content, PixelBit seeks to establish an ecosystem that makes gaming more enjoyable and lucrative.

    Pre-Sale 2019-06-11 – 2019-08-31
    Token PXB
    Type Utility
    IEO launchpad Latoken Launchpad
    Price 1 PXB = 0.56 USD
    Platform Ethereum
    Accepting ETH
    Soft Cap 5,000,000 USD
    Hard Cap
    20,000,000 USD
    Website https://pixelbit.cc
    Twitter https://twitter.com/pixelbit8
    White Paper https://pixelbit.cc/docs/PixelBit_Whitepaper_en.pdf