Oryx Token (ORX)

    The Future of Decentralization in E-Commerce

    Oryx is a community-driven blockchain project having scalability in mind for the complete decentralization of e-commerce in the Middle East and to the global market while closing the gap between on chain and off chain businesses. It expects its ORX token to transition into a privacy coin. Its primary objective is to become the token utilized by its partners, which accept digital currency to send money and payments within the platforms.

    Oryx has a vision of providing satisfaction for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and non-crypto users in the real world by establishing innovative platforms and integrating them to different e-commerce shops. Gaming platform, various crypto platforms, internet services, and e-commerce.

    Oryx’s platforms will be created for worldwide usage. It is working on the legal documents for all restricted countries to potentially allow everyone to access its platforms and utilize its decentralized services. Its product is built on e-commerce services. Oryx consists of a team of creatives establishing a seamless platform with an easy to understand interface to provide a more convenient and better experience to customers and users alike.

    Oryx concentrates on security. It has a group looking towards that purpose of privacy as well as coin utilization to speed up transaction timestamp. The platform will be built on various security layers and offering optional privacy after mainet.

    Oryx is developing the world e-commerce by introducing a blockchain solution and products which aid individuals in working, transacting, growing, and doing anything commerce digitally on a quick pace with the blockchain’s help. It can be regarded as “e-commerce + blockchain.” Its primary focus is on e-learning, entertainment, media, entrepreneurship, digital advertising, and others that have to be done with e-commerce.

    Pre-Sale 2019-06-10 – 2019-06-22
    Token Sale 2019-06-30 – 2019-08-30
    Token ORX
    Type Utility
    PreICO Price 1 ORX = 0.022 USD
    Price 1 ORX = 0.05 USD
    Bounty Available
    Platform Ethereum
    Accepting ETH, BTC, Fiat
    Minimum Investment 50 USD
    Country Turkey
    Whitelist/KYC Whitelist
    Website https://4oryx.com
    Twitter https://twitter.com/oryx_project
    White Paper https://4oryx.com/WhitePaper.pdf