Oman’s Biggest Port Joins Blockchain-Powered Platform TradeLens

Port of Salalah, one of the biggest ports in the Middle Eastern country of Oman, has joined TradeLens—a blockchain supply chain platform established by IBM and Maersk

TradeLens utilizes IBM Blockchain innovation as the framework for digital supply chains, allowing different trading partners to work together by creating a single shared view of transactions, without compromising privacy, details, and confidentiality.

As per Times of Oman, Port of Salalah, as of late, took care of record annual volume of 4 million TEUs and is collaborating intimately with different organizations in the supply chain ecosystem so as to present digital transformation in its everyday operations. The port additionally observes TradeLens as a vital tool that will provide a worldwide transparent standard for partnership. Mark Hardiman, CEO of Port of Salalah, purportedly expressed:

“Joining TradeLens is an important step forward for Port of Salalah in supporting the modernizing of the trade ecosystem. Logistics has been identified as one of the key pillars for economic diversification for the Sultanate of Oman. Adopting and incorporating blockchain technology into all aspects of the supply chain will not only enhance the attractiveness of Salalah for these companies but also support the development of new business models that can further leverage the geographical location of Salalah.”

On the other hand, the Director of Network Development at Maersk GTD, Thomas Sproat, said:

“The addition of the Port of Salalah in Oman continues to enhance a strong ecosystem for TradeLens in the Middle East. This ecosystem has the ability to leverage blockchain as one of the major components in spurring further innovation in the region. Integrating data with an important customer such as the port of Salalah is an important milestone for TradeLens and is a stepping stone for collaboration and will open up new ways of working across the supply chain ecosystem to increase efficiencies and visibility for those involved.”