ObEN Debuts PAI News Featuring 3D “Satoshi” Avatar

AI company ObEN, which develops Personal AI (PAI) technology to reinvent digital interaction, has introduced PAI News—a widely available app to utilize AI-powered anchors and hosts, innovating the tech beyond video demos into a customer facing app.

The application will include a 3D PAI avatar of Satoshi reporting about digital currency and blockchain. Developed by ObEN as a tribute to prevailing theories of the identity of Satoshi, the PAI avatar will be the platform’s first anchor, presenting the latest headlines on-demand across various industries including finance, technology, education, and law.

ObEN’s AI enables the Satoshi PAI to automatically narrate the content uploaded on the app, with facial movements and voice generated through sophisticated AI technology. Upcoming features will let news organizations, influencers, and users produce their AI-presented content and select from premade avatars or create theirs via a smartphone.

Per ObEN CEO Nikhil Jain, more than “60 percent of users now consume their news via social media, much of it done on mobile devices. We wanted to introduce a new dimension to that experience, giving users the ability to listen and watch nearly any piece of content and choose who delivers that content to them.” He said the goal is “to create the next generation of content media – a choose-your-own approach that allows fully customizable content curation, discovery, and delivery. Satoshi is the perfect avatar to help us begin this process, having himself catalyzed a revolution in the global finance industry.”

The AI-driven content and 3D avatar integration resulted from ObEN’s full-stack AI technology capable of taking 2D selfies and converting them instantaneously into 3D avatars which may be ported into various experiences. Moreover, ObEN’s technology can “take short voice recordings and produce a functional AI voice with full chatbot features that can be paired with the avatar.” Aside from personalized Text-to-Speech systems in different languages, the avatars are unique in that one voice may be utilized to curate content in various languages (English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean presently available) without requiring more data. The outcome is a digital twin bearing the voice and likeness of the user, which can appeal and speak to a wide international audience. ObEN’s technology has previously been utilized in VR experiences from HTC Vive and SoftBank, on hit TV programs on China’s CCTV, and by music groups such as China’s SNH48 and Korea’s SM Entertainment.

At launch, the PAI News application is featuring sponsored channels by Huobi Global, Fenwick & West, Project PAI, and Insead. The trial version is now available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.