PBoC Formally Bans Security Token Offerings

PBoC deputy governor Pan Gongsheng states that both ICOs and STOs are illicit activities, which are still rampant in China.

PayPal Launches Internal Token Platform for Employees

PayPal has delved into private cryptocurrency with its internal token platform.

Beijing: Security Token Offerings are Illegal

Beijing Municipal Bureau of Finance director Xuewen Huo warns that security token offerings (STOs) are illegal in the region.

Beijing Financial Regulator: Security Token Offerings are “Illegal”

During last Saturday’s wealth management forum led by Beijing’s Finance Bureau, director Huo stressed that crowdfunding initiatives through STOs are deemed “illegal” in the Chinese capital.

Coinbase Supports Securitize’s $12.7M Funding Round

Securitize co-founder and CEO Carlos Domingo states that Blockchain Capital leads the equity investment which aims to provide the company with “knowledgeable investors” in preparation for a security token offering.

POA Network Launches ERC20-to-ERC20 TokenBridge

While this represents a crucial initial move towards the direction of cross-chain interoperability, the POA Bridge enables users to convert tokens indigenous to POA with Ethereum’s POA20 tokens.

Crypto Project Kin Shifts from Ethereum to Stellar

Kik Interactive, the Canadian company behind the Kik messaging app, has announced that it is permanently leaving the Ethereum network, as the firm migrates its digital currency Kin to its proprietary blockchain.  

$36.5M Worth of Manhattan Real Estate to be Tokenized then Sold to Investors

Fluidity and Propellr are set to provide tokens that represent shares in a multimillion-dollar block of condominiums in Manhattan, New York. The token gives the buyers an opportunity to invest as much or as little as they choose to.

ERC-20 Co-Author Aims to Eradicate Fraudulent Tokens with New ICO Model

During the annual assembly of Ethereum developers known as the Devcon Conference held in Prague, Fabian Vogelsteller has proposed that these changes are expected to protect investors from scams.

PBoC to Crack Down on Airdrop Tokens Market

China’s central bank is planning to crack down on airdrops or the free distribution of crypto tokens.

JP Morgan Builds Blockchain-Based Platform for Tokenizing Gold

New York-based investment bank JP Morgan has developed an enterprise version of the Ethereum blockchain for tokenizing gold in an effort to allow sustainable miners to earn a premium on global markets.

Tether “Burns” 500M USDT Stablecoins

Tether, the company behind a dollar-pegged stablecoin, has revealed in a Twitter post that it has burned 500 million Tether (USDT) tokens.

Swissquote Becomes World’s First Bank to Offer ICO Service

Swissquote has launched a service that provides customers with the opportunity to take part in ICOs by using their bank accounts to directly buy ICO tokens against Swiss francs.

Nasdaq to Launch Trading Platform for Security Tokens

New York-based stock exchange Nasdaq is currently working on introducing a new platform specifically developed for issuing and trading security tokens.

Ripple’s Head of Information Security Resigns; Moves to Harbor

Sujay Jaladi, head of information security at Ripple, will be leaving the San Francisco-based company.