XRP Propels as 3rd Largest Cryptocurrency

In only 24 hours, Ripple has escalated from $17 billion, up to $26 billion. This significant increase surpassed Ethereum by a wide margin in terms of market cap in just a matter of weeks, firmly placing XRP in the third spot of the largest cryptocurrency on December 29, 2017.

Fabric Token: New Revolution in Blockchain Development

The development environments are cumbersome to use causing individuals who are willing to learn and develop DApps confused instead of succeeding in their mission. Blockchain project Fabric Token (FT) addresses the need for a convenient solution to make decentralized applications available to everyone. Its platform offers a solution similar to WYSIWYG development tools that make building websites as convenient as dragging and dropping different elements.

4NEW Tokenizes Electricity

4New Limited has tokenized the most crucial commodity to the cryptocpace.

Overstock Subsidiary tZero Attracts More Than $100M in Token Presale

Since opening subscriptions, tZero had attracted more than $100 million in commitments from both cryptocurrency and traditional institutional investors.

The Positive Economic Benefits of Blockchain Technologies to Research, Brokerage, and Asset Management Services

Amidst opposing regulations in Europe and the United States, cryptocurrencies, blockchain and smart contracts can create new positive economic benefits for brokerage, research, and asset management services.

Russian Finance Ministry Issues Token Offerings Regulations

Russian lawmakers, ahead of President Putin’s deadline for the regulation on July 1, 2018, issued regulatory measures ahead of time to cap crowdfunding and segregate qualified investors from unqualified ones.

ZFX Token Enables Investor Experiential Learning

The ZFX token launching on January 3 is created by peer trading foreign exchange (FX) competitions purveyor ZeroSumMarkets. The goal is to provide new and experienced traders experiential learning through a skill-based competition where they can learn, practice and compete.

Estonia aims to Employ Gov’t-Sponsored Token Offering

Estonia could be the first ever country to engage in government-sponsored token-based crowdfunding. The government of Estonia, on December 14, 2017, declared its intention to...

LiveEdu Collaborates with Rowlingstone for Token Sales

Rowlingstone is a provider of early access to ITO/ICO opportunities for investors and long-term investment recommendations for their clients. It publishes weekly ICO research...

Overstock’s TZERO Token Sale Stalls, Delays ICO Launch

Overstock blockchain subsidiary tZERO’s scheduled Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to go live at midnight Monday, has yet to launch as initially anticipated.  Insufficient details are provided...

Kik Announces Plan to Transfer ICO Tokens to Stellar

Kik CEO Ted Livingston confirmed on Wednesday that the mobile messaging startup is planning to move its Kin token network from Ethereum to Stellar.  Kik’s...

ICOBox Announces Launch of Its New Token Store

In recent developments, SaaS ICO solutions provider ICOBox has just revealed the upcoming launch of its own Token Store. ICOBox stated that its store...

SwissBorg Holds ICO; Offers Rewards to Token Holders

A growing community-oriented wealth management services company is holding an ICO. SwissBorg has started its ICO on December 7, 2017 and is starting a...

Tokenized Equities: Long-term Value for Investors Guaranteed

Traditional ways to raise funds have always faced a plethora of challenges that make it hard for businesses to thrive in the current financial...

Token Summit II: Regulation and the Future of Digital Currency

The Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco on December 5 anchored digital currency aficionados in suits, hoodies, and everything in between. Author of...