GateHub Hacked for Almost $10 Million

The company believes the thief may have used GateHub’s API to steal funds.

Komodo Uses Hacker’s Backdoor to Save $13 Million from Thieves

The hacker was already emptying wallets before the dev team was able to act.

Bitcoin Trading on Coinbase Hits 14-Month High in May 2019

December 2017 still holds the record as the month that saw the most number of bitcoin ever traded in one month on Coinbase.

Vancouver Mayor Calls for City-Wide Ban on Crypto ATMs

Six years ago, Vancouver became the first city in the world to have a bitcoin ATM. Now, its mayor is prepping a city-wide ban on the machines.

Payments Race Makes Alex Hobern Love Cryptocurrency

Reality star Alex Hobern loves cryptocurrency after the Money 2020 Payments Race.

SL Benfica Partners with UTRUST to Accept Crypto

SL Benfica and UTRUST have teamed up to allow fans to pay with cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Network Becomes Greener and Safer

CoinShares researchers argue that the Bitcoin network runs on about 75% renewable energy.

Jason Leung Leaves Global Head Post at Cumberland

Jason Leung is stepping down as global head of Cumberland, the cryptocurrency-focused unit of Chicago-based trading giant DRW.

Reserve Bank of India Repudiates Involvement in Draft Bill to Ban Crypto

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has repudiated any involvement or knowledge in a draft government bill that would ban cryptocurrencies.

Poloniex Margin Lenders Suffer Loss of $13.5 Million Due to Market Flash Crash

In just 45 minutes, the margin-tradable Clams (CLAM) market decreased by almost 77 percent in value on Poloniex.

Nexus Mutual, Argent Team Up to Provide “Banking-Grade” Wallet Security

The startups are using a combination of smart contracts and insurance to keep funds safe from hackers and other bad actors.

Quickly Find Merchants that Accept Crypto Payments Using Greenpages

On the platform’s over 1,000 merchant listings, you can find both brick and mortar and online stores that accept crypto payments.

New CFTC Chairman Confirmed by U.S. Senate

Dr. Heath Tarbert will soon be replacing current U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) chairman J. Christopher Giancarlo.

ConsenSys Capital Co-Founder Joins Crypto-Focused Investment Fund DARMA Capital

Although Keys has already made the transition to working full-time at DARMA, he will still act as an advisor for ConsenSys.

Marshall Islands Announces Non-Profit to Oversee National Cryptocurrency

The non-profit will receive an endowment of 30 percent of the circulating SOV as operational funds.