CME Bitcoin Futures Volume Sees May as the Best Month Since 2017

Almost 300,000 contracts were traded in May.

Samourai Wallet Partners with Nodl to Introduce Lightning Node with Mixing Features

The Samourai Wallet team said that the new node devices will be available this year.

G20 Reiterates Commitment in Applying Tough FAFT Standards for Crypto Exchanges

The FAFT standards are anticipated to set strict operating methods for cryptocurrency exchanges, going beyond the basic “know your customer” (KYC) regulations.

Coinbase Suggests Averaging to Avoid Getting ‘REKT’

Coinbase thinks dollar cost averaging (DCA) can help investors mitigate their losses.

Truffle, Microsoft Announce Partnership for Azure Platform

ConsenSys subsidiary Truffle has announced that it will be integrating its ethereum developer tools with Microsoft Azure in a bid to bring quality developer tools to enterprise blockchains.

CCN Shuts Down After Google Update Leads to Sharp Drop in Traffic

Crypto news site has announced that it is ceasing operations following a 71% fall in mobile traffic brought about by a recent update to Google’s search algorithms.

Zilliqa Announces Smart Contracts Launch on Its Platform

Zilliqa has revealed the release of smart contracts on its platform.

India Considers Jail Time for Cryptocurrency Users

India is considering jail time for those who engage in crypto-related behavior.

Bitwage Enables Companies to Pay Salaries in Ether

Crypto startup Bitwage has added ether as a payroll option.

Report: Binance Confirms It will Soon Issue Its Own Stablecoins

The initial stablecoin will be introduced on the platform “in a matter of weeks to a month or two.”

Australia to Crack Down Major Tax Avoidance Schemes Using Crypto

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) may soon deal with major tax avoidance schemes utilizing cryptocurrencies.

Stolen Bitcoins from Bitfinex are on the Move

Stolen bitcoins have been seen moving on the blockchain after three years of being untouched.

OKCoin to Use New Malta Office as EU Expansion Hub

The crypto exchange has stated that Malta won’t be the last stop for its expansion efforts.

Ethereum Classic’s Atlantis Upgrade Hits Testnet this Month

Thanks to the sped-up testnet activation, some ecosystem participants believe that Atlantis may be implemented on the mainnet by as early as August 2019.

GateHub Hacked for Almost $10 Million

The company believes the thief may have used GateHub’s API to steal funds.