Initial Coin Offerings

SEC Calls for Court Action Against PlexCoin Founders

The SEC has requested the New York Eastern District Court on September 25 to file a motion for sanctions against founders Dominic Lacroix and Sabrina Paradis-Royer.

Key Regulatory Attempt Aims to Revitalize the US ICO Market

Around 80 representatives from both the cryptocurrency and traditional finance sectors trooped to Washington D.C. on September 25 to call on U.S. legislators for regulatory clarity on digital currencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs).

Wallet Distributor Files Lawsuit Against Crypto Startup Before Scheduled ICO

Based on the public court filing, Blockchain, which is formerly known as, is currently suing just days before the latter’s scheduled initial coin offering (ICO).

Security Tokens Gain Traction as ICO Funding Plunges

Amid the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s regulatory crackdown on Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) that has since resulted in a significant decline in funding, investors are pivoting to security tokens as an alternative type of investment vehicle.    

France Enacts ICO Legislation

France has enacted a new legislative framework governing domestic Initial Coin Offerings amid calls for a global legislation within the European Union.

Brazilian Football Team Hopes to Raise $20M in Forthcoming ICO

Series B soccer team Avaí Futeball Clube has revealed that the team is developing its own digital currency in an attempt to create a digital ecosystem for its fans.

Bank of Russia Declares ICO Experiment a Success

Bank of Russia’s financial development department deputy director Ivan Semagin told the audience at the Eastern Economic Forum that the regulator had a test run of “an experimental ICO based on the existing infrastructure” in the bank’s sandbox.

TokenSoft to Expand Support to Stellar Protocol

TokenSoft, an ICO services platform, is officially introducing support for projects on the Stellar lumens protocol.

UAE Market Regulator to Treat ICO Tokens as Securities

UAE’s Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) has presented a new resolution aimed at approving regulations. The regulations are set to deem digital currencies as securities and introduce controls over ICOs.

Court Rules Against Alleged Fraudulent ICOs Perpetrator

A federal judge has ruled that fraudulent ICOs can be prosecuted under securities law.

2018 Sees ICO Funding Low, Figures Not Seen Since 2017

ICO funding figures began to drop during the early part of the second quarter.

Pigzbe Reaches $7.2M After First Day of ICO

London-based FinTech startup Pigzbe has reached $7.2 million in funding through its ICO.

SK Regulatory Official Calls for Broader Cooperation for International Crypto Regulation

Through a statement, Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) Governor Yoon Suk-heun remarks about the possibility of further cooperation.

Blockchain Experts & European Parliament Members Discuss ICO Regulation

Blockchain experts and European Parliament members have met on September 4 to discuss the possible regulation for ICOs.

SK Legislator Proposes a Regulation-Free ICO Sandbox

Legislator Jong Buyung-guk has offered a proposal concerning the matter. The lawmaker believes that South Korea needs to follow Gibraltar’s example when it comes to coin offerings.