Samsung to Establish Its Own Blockchain Network, May Issue Own Token

Samsung is creating its own blockchain network and looking to issue its native token.

Security Firm Spots Stealthy Thief Stealing Millions’ Worth of ETH

Security firm warns that bad actors are more likely than ever to attack systems that handle private keys for high-value assets.

Societe Generale Issues $112M Bond on Ethereum Blockchain

French lender Societe Generale has issued around $112 million worth of bonds on the public Ethereum blockchain.

Binance Announces Timeframe for BNB Crypto’s Move Off Ethereum

The Binance Chain will support its $3 billion BNB cryptocurrency that presently runs on ethereum.

EY Announces Ambitious Bid to Bring Companies to Ethereum

Global auditor EY is releasing free software intended to help corporate clients utilize the public Ethereum blockchain.

Buterin Stays Positive About Ethereum 2.0 Development

Vitalik Buterin is still confident about the Ethereum 2.0 development despite concerns.

Opera Introduces Dapp Browser with Built-In Cryptocurrency Wallet

Opera has officially released the desktop version of its new browser with a built-in ethereum wallet.

Grayscale Adjusts Crypto Holdings After Recent Market Surge

Grayscale has reduced its XRP and Ethereum holdings in favor of Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

Lending Startup Dharma Launches on Ethereum Blockchain

Lending startup Dharma has officially launched on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ether Appears on Netflix Series “The OA”

Popular streaming platform Netflix has recently released the second series of “The OA,” featuring the use of Ether (ETH).

Startup Radar Reveals New Suite of Lightning Developer Tools

The startup Radar has released a new suite of developer tools for the lightning network.

Jamaica Stock Exchange to Trial Bitcoin and Ether Trading

The Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) is soon to pilot bitcoin and ether trades with the assistance of Blockstation, a fintech firm based in Canada.

TrueDigital Inks Distribution Deals to Expand Reach of Bitcoin and Ether OTC Reference Rates

TrueDigital Holdings, an institutional digital assets platform, has inked two new distribution agreements to expand the reach of its over-the-counter (OTC) reference rates for ether (ETH) and bitcoin (BTC).

Sirin Labs Partners with MyEtherWallet for Finney Phone Integration

Sirin Labs, the maker of the blockchain phone Finney, has partnered with MyEtherWallet for an integration intended to benefit both firms.

Neo Bank 2gether Introduces Prepaid Crypto Debit Card

Next generation collaborative banking platform 2gether is introducing a prepaid Visa debit card that allows customers to use digital currencies as tender.