Chinese VC Firm to Pour 200K ETH in US Startups

Node Capital announced that the company will open a U.S. branch with the team aimed at increasing its portfolio of Blockchain startups from the Silicon Valley.

Tether Mints 100 Million USDT After Departure of Bitfinex CSO

Three days after the resignation of the CSO of Bitfinex from Tether, the company mints 100 million USDT.

Ethereum Digital Marketplace Rare Bits Supported by Twitch CEO

Twitch CEO Emmett Shear and Founder Justin Kan are among the supporters of the Ethereum-based digital asset marketplace Rare Bits.

Enjin Coin CTO Radomski Develops New Ethereum Standard ERC-1155

The CTO of Enjin Coin, Witek Radomski, develops a new standard for defining video games on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum Foundation Throws Support to Stanford’s Blockchain Research Center

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin announced his support for the Stanford University’s Blockchain project in a Twitter post: “Excited to be supporting this initiative!”

Tether Prints 250M Tokens, Nearly Enters Top 10

Controversial stablecoin USDT has just granted another 250 million tokens and is now only $80 million away from ousting Tron from the coveted top ten spot on CoinMarketCap.

Minnesota Congressman Commends U.S. SEC’s Approach on Ethereum

Emphasizing the importance of not over-regulating cryptocurrencies, Emmer explained that Ethereum does not entirely fit Washington’s regulatory boxes, hence, the SEC's approach is but appropriate.

Report States Tether has Enough Reserves to Back Coins in Circulation

A report by a Washington-based law firm states that Tether has enough USD reserves to back its coins in circulation.

Tether Claims Full Reserves in Transparency Report

Tether published on Wednesday a three-page transparency report penned by Freeh Sporkin and Sullivan LLP, a Washington, D.C.-based law firm.

Nvidia Collaborates with Ubex for Blockchain-AI Marketing

Artem Chestnov, Ubex co-founder and CEO, says that the startup specifically utilizes Blockchain because its main goal is transparency and speed of transactions.

Cboe: SEC Cleared a “Stumbling Block” for Ether Futures

Cboe president and COO Chris Concannon stated that the exchange is "pleased with the SEC's decision to provide clarity" on the issue.

US SEC Official Says Ether is Not a Security

The US SEC Corporation Finance director William Hinman said in an informal statement that the regulatory agency has no plans to consider Ether as security.

Crypto Community Reacts to Coinbase’s Move to Support Ethereum Classic

US-based exchange startup Coinbase announced that it will begin trading Ethereum Classic (ETC) as part of the company’s process for adding new assets, sparking dissenting opinions among the crypto community.

Coinbase Announces ETC Integration, Causing 20% ETC Price Surge

Coinbase announced on its twitter and home blog that it plans to integrate Ethereum Classic and list the altcoin in September, causing its price to surge by 20%.

Four Projects Aim to Solve Ethereum’s Privacy Issues

Privacy matters have been overlooked in the past due to more important issues like scaling. However, the subject is now starting to gain a considerable amount of attention from developers.