Samsung Galaxy S10 Wallet Does Not Support Bitcoin

The Samsung Galaxy S10 wallet comes with support for Ether and CryptoKitties but not Bitcoin.

Mining Pool Returns Half of Accidentally Sent Ether Fee Worth $300K

Ethereum mining pool Sparkpool has recently verified the identity of the user who had previously sent an unusually exorbitant miner’s fee by mistake and has subsequently agreed to split the amount.   

BitGo CEO Shares Views on Goldman and Fidelity’s Forthcoming Crypto Custody Solution

As BitGo continues to gain momentum, a slew of other players including Goldman and Fidelity are now also set to launch their own crypto custody solutions in an attempt to compete in the growing market.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Features Crypto Wallet for Ethereum but Not Bitcoin

Samsung has recently confirmed last year’s rumors hinting that the tech titan’s forthcoming flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S10, would feature a Blockchain Keystore application that would serve as cold storage for the leading digital assets in the crypto markets.

Ethereum Foundation Director Discusses Shift in the Non-Profit’s Vision

Ethereum Foundation Director Aya Miyaguchi has talked about a shift in the foundation’s original vision.

JP Morgan CEO Hints at JPM Coin’s Potential Use

Jamie Dimon, the chairman & CEO of JPMorgan Chase has hinted at the multiple uses of the firm’s proprietary digital currency JPM Coin., suggesting its potential adoption as a tender across retail outlets.

Inveniam to Tokenize $66M Building on Ethereum Blockchain

Inveniam Capital Partners (ICP) will tokenize the $65.5 million WeWork building on the Ethereum blockchain.

MyEtherWallet’s New Update Enables Users to Bypass KYC Requirements

MyEtherWallet has announced a new interface update, allowing users to skip know-your-customer (KYC) requirements when exchanging bitcoin and Ether for fiat.

CasperLabs Collaborates with Ethereum Researcher to Develop PoS Blockchain

Blockchain R&D startup CasperLabs has announced the appointment of Ethereum Foundation’s developer Vlad Zamfir as the company’s new lead consensus protocol architect.

QuadrigaCX Turns Over Remaining Digital Assets to Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young, the court-appointed monitor of the now-defunct Canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX, has taken over the exchange’s remaining digital assets, according to the accounting firm's latest monitoring report.

Rhombus Introduces New Products for Ethereum Developers

Rhombus has released new products for Ethereum developers.

Nasdaq to Add Indices for Bitcoin and Ethereum to Its Global Data Service

Nasdaq is adding bitcoin and ethereum indices to its global data service before the month ends.

Ethereum Foundation Explores Viability of VDF Integration Into Serenity System Upgrade

VDF is a new cryptographic primitive capable of generating randomized, unpredictable, and unbiased numbers which, if integrated into the Ethereum codebase, could serve as a strategy for getting entropy for validator and committee selection in PoS networks, a feature on which decentralized applications on the platform can leverage.   

Phishing Scam Targets MyEtherWallet Users

It would appear that users of the popular Ethereum network interface MyEtherWallet have recently been targeted by an attempted phishing scam.

Google’s Big-Data Analytics Platform BigQuery Adds Support for Ethereum Network

With BigQuery’s support for Ethereum blockchain searches alongside other crypto networks, Google’s big-data analytics platform is bridging a niche gap between “people who are very familiar with the blockchain data structure and technologists who are more familiar with querying other types of data.”