Binance Announces New Crypto-Pegged Tokens Coming to Its Blockchain

The first token, BTCB, will be pegged to bitcoin.

Bitcoin POS Machine on Colombian Border Aims to Help Refugees

The POS service aims to help refugees crossing the Simon Bolivar International Bridge by letting them buy goods using crypto payments.

CFTC Sues UK Company for Defrauding Clients of $147M in Bitcoin

The CFTC claims the defendants defrauded more than 1,000 customers of at least 22,858.822 bitcoin—worth at least $147 million at the time.

Non-Custodial Wallet and Payment Platform Breez Launches Services for iPhone

Non-custodial wallet and payment platform Breez is introducing its services for iPhone.

Crypto Exchange Gemini Surges up App Store Charts After CBS Report

Following a CBS report that aired Sunday morning, the Winklevoss twins’ crypto exchange Gemini has generated renewed interest from American viewers.

Bitcoin Logs Over 1M Daily Active Addresses

This is something that the cryptocurrency hasn’t done since November 2017.

Crypto CEO Says Facebook Libra Launch Could Boost BTC Past $10,000

Crypto CEO thinks the release of Facebook Libra might boost Bitcoin (BTC) past $10,000.

Bitcoin Startup Bitrefill Closes $2 Million Seed Round Led by Coin Ninja

Bitcoin startup Bitrefill considers expanding to new jurisdictions.

Bakkt Provides Specifics on Bitcoin Futures Contract Ahead of July Test Schedule

Bitcoin platform Bakkt considers testing of its two futures contract beginning July 22.

CME Bitcoin Futures Volume Sees May as the Best Month Since 2017

Almost 300,000 contracts were traded in May.

Samourai Wallet Partners with Nodl to Introduce Lightning Node with Mixing Features

The Samourai Wallet team said that the new node devices will be available this year.

Bitcoin Trading on Coinbase Hits 14-Month High in May 2019

December 2017 still holds the record as the month that saw the most number of bitcoin ever traded in one month on Coinbase.

Bitcoin Network Becomes Greener and Safer

CoinShares researchers argue that the Bitcoin network runs on about 75% renewable energy.

Lightning Network Pioneer Publishes Code for Proposed Scaling Solution

Lightning co-creator Tadge Dryja has published the code for a Bitcoin scaling concept.

‘Badger Wallet’ Launches New App for iOS’s Badger Wallet introduced a new app for iOS.