CME Bitcoin Futures Volume Sees May as the Best Month Since 2017

Almost 300,000 contracts were traded in May.

Samourai Wallet Partners with Nodl to Introduce Lightning Node with Mixing Features

The Samourai Wallet team said that the new node devices will be available this year.

Bitcoin Trading on Coinbase Hits 14-Month High in May 2019

December 2017 still holds the record as the month that saw the most number of bitcoin ever traded in one month on Coinbase.

Bitcoin Network Becomes Greener and Safer

CoinShares researchers argue that the Bitcoin network runs on about 75% renewable energy.

Lightning Network Pioneer Publishes Code for Proposed Scaling Solution

Lightning co-creator Tadge Dryja has published the code for a Bitcoin scaling concept.

‘Badger Wallet’ Launches New App for iOS’s Badger Wallet introduced a new app for iOS.

CME Bitcoin Futures Contracts Open Interest Hits Record High

CME bitcoin futures reached a total figure of 5,190 between May 23 and June 3.

LocalBitcoins’ Cash-for-Crypto Trading Option No Longer Available

Helsinki-based peer-to-peer exchange LocalBitcoins has purportedly deleted the option enabling users to buy or sell cryptocurrencies in person for cash.

Encrypted Email Service Aims to Make Online Privacy Tools More Accessible

An encrypted email service that utilizes Blockstack IDs is looking to make online privacy tools more accessible, particularly in the Middle East.

eToro Witnesses 13% Spike in Bitcoin Holdings

eToro has witnessed a 13% rise in Bitcoin holdings within two weeks.

Second Copyright Registration for Bitcoin White Paper Appears

The second person to claim authorship of the bitcoin code made under the alias Satoshi Nakamoto is not saying he’s the original creator, but out there to satirically prove that anyone can attempt to claim ownership.

Chinese Authorities Investigate Illegal Bitcoin Mining Farms at Hydro Plants

Chinese authorities are reportedly probing into illegal Bitcoin mining farms built at hydropower stations.

Bitwise: The Public is Wrong About Bitcoin Spot Market

Roughly 95 percent of all reported bitcoin trading volume, the company claimed, is either fake or wash-trading.

Microsoft Excel Adds Bitcoin Symbol

The Bitcoin symbol seems to have been included in Microsoft Excel.

NYPost Columnist Calls for Bitcoin Manipulation Investigation

An NYPost columnist has asked US President Donald Trump to investigate the Bitcoin manipulation.