Coinstar Expands Bitcoin-Buying Service, Adds 100 New Outlets

Supermarket kiosk network Coinstar has further enlarged its bitcoin-buying service, putting up roughly 100 new outlets and increasing U.S. coverage to 21 states and the District of Columbia.

Swiss Luxury Watchmaker Franck Muller Launches ‘Encrypto’

Swiss watchmaker Franck Muller has introduced “the world’s first functional bitcoin watch.”

Israeli Court Rules Bitcoin is an Asset, Not a Currency

An Israeli court has ruled that bitcoin is subject to capital gains tax (CGT) since it falls under the category of an asset, and not a currency.

Bitcoin Mixer Service Shut Down by Europol, EU Authorities

Europol alleged that the mixer service was “used to conceal and launder criminal flows of money."

Crypto Community Commemorates Bitcoin Pizza Day

The cryptocurrency industry has commemorated the annual Bitcoin Pizza Day.

Dutch Man Arrested for Bitcoin Mining Fraud Worth Over $2.2M

A bitcoin mining fraud worth more than €2 million ($2.2 million) has led to the arrest of a 33-year-old man in the Netherlands.

South Korean Exchanges See Highest Fiat Influx

South Korean crypto exchanges have posted the highest fiat influx.

BoE Chief Economist Believes Bitcoin will Be Money in 20-30 Years

Bank of England Chief Economist Andrew G. Haldane thinks Bitcoin will be money in 20 to 30 years.

Tyler Winklevoss Reinstates ‘Bitcoin is Gold 2.0’ Narrative

Winklevoss said that BTC “matches or beats” gold.

Bitcoin Startup Blockstream Introduces Liquid Securities Platform

Blockstream is introducing a platform that allows customers to launch their own tokens by using its bitcoin sidechain, Liquid.

SEC Delays Bitwise ETF Decision Again

The SEC had previously postponed making a decision on the Bitwise proposals back in March 2019.

Casa: Bitcoin and Lightning Nodes Easier to Launch with Tor

Tor punches through networking issues, says Casa CTO.

Bakkt Plans Bitcoin Futures Testing for July

Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffler announced that the user acceptance testing for Bitcoin futures and custody is scheduled for July.

GoTenna, Blockstream Satellite Partnering Up for Offline Bitcoin Transaction Service

The new service will be powered by goTenna’s consumer-grade mesh network and Blocktream Satellite's receivers.

Mark Yusko Bullish on Bitcoin, Predicts $400,000 Bitcoin Price

Yusko says Bitcoin’s real value doesn’t come from its price, but from the number of users active on the Bitcoin network.