BTC Deposited at Bakkt Warehouse Secured by $125M Insurance Policy

Bitcoin (BTC) deposited at the Bakkt Warehouse is secured by a $125 million insurance arrangement.

SEC Chair Jay Clayton Says There is ‘Work Left to Be Done’ in Bitcoin...

The SEC chairman expressed that, albeit noteworthy advances have been taken to address administrative concerns over a Bitcoin ETF, there is "work left to be done."

Bitmain to Launch Two New Models of Bitcoin Mining Devices

Crypto mining mogul Bitmain is introducing two new models for its Antminer range of bitcoin mining gadgets, one of which is its most powerful yet.

Chinese Locals Move Funds to Bitcoin Due to Trump’s Trade War

As the Chinese yuan decreases in value because of factors like the progressing trade war with the U.S., there are signs that local people are progressively moving assets into bitcoin.

US Treasury Blacklists Crypto Addresses of Alleged Narcotics Traffickers

The three purported narcotic operators related to these addresses are Chinese citizens Xiaobing Yan, Fujing Zheng, and Guanghua Zheng.

Square Crypto Taps Matt Corallo to Accelerate Bitcoin Development

Square Crypto just contracted one of the globe’s most prolific bitcoin developers.

Square’s Second Quarter Revenue Almost Doubles from Previous Records

Payments firm Square detailed its second-quarter profit, revealing $125 million in bitcoin sales through its Cash App.

Indian Police Arrest Kidnappers Who Held Two Traders for 80 BTC Ransom

The kidnappers asked for a ransom of 80 bitcoin to be paid in exchange for the release of the two traders before kidnapping the third victim.

DOJ Says Bitcoin Escrow Company Swindled Investors for $7 Million

U.S. prosecutors have charged the leader of a bitcoin escrow firm with swindling investors for $7 million.

Norwegian Air to Enable Bitcoin Payments Through Exchange Set Up by Founder

Norwegian business tycoon Bjørn Kjos and his family have allegedly set up a cryptocurrency exchange and arrange to launch bitcoin payments at their airline, Norwegian Air Shuttle. 

New Jersey Man Charged with Running an Unlicensed Bitcoin Exchange

The charge has a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a fine amounting to $250,000.

Newegg Provides Bitcoin Payment Options to Additional 73 Countries

Newegg has announced that it will be offering bitcoin payment options to consumers in 73 countries.

UK Thieves Break Into Bitcoin Embassy, Get Nothing

According to a video posted on Facebook, the bold late-evening attack obtained what appeared like receipt tapes from a bitcoin ATM.

Bitcoin Ransomware that Attacked over 100 US Enterprises Spreads to China

The malicious code, called Ryuk, goes after “logistics companies, technology companies and small municipalities” with high data value.

Chinese Police Bust Mining Operation Following Surge in Electricity Usage

Eastern China police busted a bitcoin mining operation after an unusual increase in local electricity usage.