Armed Robbers Target Bitcoin ATM in the UK

A Bitcoin ATM located in a convenience store has been targeted by a group of three individuals in a brazen robbery.

Bitfury Partners with HadePay to Bring Faster Bitcoin Lightning Payments to Merchants

The Bitfury Group has entered a partnership with HadePay, a business payments processor, to bring lightning network-based payment to merchants in the EU, Canada, and the U.S.

Cboe Halts Listing of Bitcoin Futures XBT

The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) is currently re-evaluating its approach to trading cryptocurrencies, clarifying that it will not be launching a new Bitcoin futures market this month.

Bitcoin Miners Equal Hungary’s Energy Consumption in 2018

Blockchain researcher Alex de Vries revealed that Bitcoin miners consumed as much energy as Hungary in 2018.

Canadian Provincial Regulator Issues Warning Against Fraudulent Crypto Platform

The British Columbia Securities Commission, one of Canada’s thirteen provincial regulatory agencies, has included domestic crypto trading platform Canada Bitcoin Exchange Inc. (CBE) to its Investment Caution List.

Crypto Miners Explore Power Recycling and Renewable Energy

Bitcoin miners are now starting to explore power recycling and renewable energy.

Calgary Police Initiates Nationwide Hunt for Suspects Behind Alleged Bitcoin Fraud

Calgary law enforcement authorities are conducting a nationwide investigation involving a suspected Bitcoin fraud that resulted in the loss of nearly $200,000 in just over a week.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Features Crypto Wallet for Ethereum but Not Bitcoin

Samsung has recently confirmed last year’s rumors hinting that the tech titan’s forthcoming flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S10, would feature a Blockchain Keystore application that would serve as cold storage for the leading digital assets in the crypto markets.

Two Developers Successfully Send Bitcoin Lightning Payment Over Radio Waves

Two bitcoin coders located in different countries have successfully sent a bitcoin lightning payment through radio waves.

New Bitcoin Betting Game to Expand Reach to Thousands of Waitlisted Players

Hxro, the latest Bitcoin trading game that has gained massive traction since its launch at the onset of 2019, is rolling out its app to over 115,000 players currently on its whitelist.  

Report: WEX Crypto Exchange Allegedly Facilitated Transactions Involving Bitcoin Ransomware

PwC, the second largest professional services firm in the world, has implicated two Iranians as the perpetrators behind the Bitcoin ransomware SamSam.

Square Reports More than $166 Million Revenue from Bitcoin Sales in 2018

Square has published more than $166 million in revenue from bitcoin sales in 2018.

Fidelity, LinkedIn Co-Founder Latest to Receive Bitcoin’s Lightning Torch

The lightning network, an ongoing experiment with bitcoin technology, continues to receive support from some major companies and individuals.

Apple Co-Founder Says 2018 Saw “Massive Value Creation” for Crypto

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak claimed that the Bitcoin bear market has created “massive” value for digital currencies.

Venezuelan Activists Tear Down Maduro’s Mural for a Cause

Venezuelan activists will literally and figuratively bring down Nicolás Maduro, as a mural featuring the country’s president is set to be torn down as part of a philanthropic cause to raise donations for over 100,000 citizens.