IDT Corporation and MercuryFX Pilot Ripple’s xRapid Platform

IDT, in cooperation with MercuryFX, is pioneering Ripple’s (XRP-USD) xRapid – a platform that aims to bring XRP cryptocurrency to emerging markets – for on-demand liquidity solutions.

Zürich Church Accepts Cryptocurrency Donations

ICF Zurich, an evangelical church in Switzerland, has started taking voluntary offerings from its parishioners in the form of digital currency.

Litecoin Awakens from an Extended Slumber

Litecoin has finally awoken during Monday morning's Asian trading session when it surged more than $300 in just a few hours.

Altcoins Outpace Their 2018 Gains

Altcoins are making their presence felt at the opening of 2018 with impressive gains drawing investors to options once considered risky.

Rebate: Ripple’s Marketing Strategy for Market Bank Adoption

The company responsible for XRP token is attempting to get banks to adopt the blockchain technology network by providing a rebate for pioneer adopters.

Cardano Hits $20 Bln Market Cap, Surpasses Litecoin as 5th Largest Cryptocurrency

After hitting the $20 Billion market cap, Cardano has now outranked Litecoin (LTC) to become the fifth biggest digital currency in the market today, which has attracted criticism from the creator of LTC himself.

XRP Propels as 3rd Largest Cryptocurrency

In only 24 hours, Ripple has escalated from $17 billion, up to $26 billion. This significant increase surpassed Ethereum by a wide margin in terms of market cap in just a matter of weeks, firmly placing XRP in the third spot of the largest cryptocurrency on December 29, 2017.

BTC Dominance Falls Under 40% After Ripple’s Rise

After an impressive performance throughout the year, Bitcoin closes 2017 losing market share to altcoins. The development can be an indicator of the market’s maturity instead of an unfortunate event for Bitcoin.

2017 is the Year of Five Digit Bitcoin Prices, Altcoins, and Forks

Whatever 2018 brings, this year has definitely been an exhilarating journey to say the least for crypto-solutions and blockchain technology.

Revain Launches Version 0.3 Dashboard

Users can express their feedback and write their comments in Revain’s official Telegram chat or they can send emails to [email protected]

Online Casino Now Supports DOGE, BCH and LTC

Because of issues with Bitcoin, online gambling platform mBit Casino now adds other cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

Investors Who Can’t Afford a Whole Bitcoin Turn to Altcoins

Altcoins continue to offer cut-rate prices despite the impressive performance over the last couple of weeks which makes them a more practical option for investors who cannot afford to purchase a whole Bitcoin.

Revolutionary Altcoins Surge in Prices Over the Holidays

Revolutionary altcoins such as Aion, Dent, and RaiBlocks are now doing well in the digital currency world contrary to the flat movement of leading cryptocurrencies over the holidays.

Amidst Market Corrections, Ripple Remains Steady

As cryptocurrency values rise and fall, investors seek stability in Ripple.

Technical Features Power Altcoin Adoption

Media saturation and skyrocketing market caps are signaling digital currency’s bold march toward mainstream adoption. Cryptocurrency is securing its place in global economics, and...