Spanish Police: Bitcoin ATMs Show Issues in EU’s AML Regulations

Spain’s law enforcement authorities assert that there are issues with EU’s money laundering rules after discovering that bitcoin ATMs are being utilized by criminal groups.

US May Prevent Big Tech Institutions from Issuing Cryptocurrencies

U.S. lawmakers are talking about a bill that intends to bar big technology firms in the nation from issuing cryptocurrencies.

‘Shark Tank’ Co-Host Mark Cuban Raises Concerns over Libra

Billionaire “Shark Tank” co-host Mark Cuban raised worries about Libra’s possibility to disrupt global finance.

Crypto-Focused Prediction Market Veil Is Closing Its Doors

Crypto-centered prediction market and derivatives platform Veil is officially shutting down.

Chinese Police Bust Mining Operation Following Surge in Electricity Usage

Eastern China police busted a bitcoin mining operation after an unusual increase in local electricity usage.

Coinbase Prepares to Launch Its Own Insurance Company

The exchange made initial talks with insurance mogul Aon to introduce a captive insurance subsidiary

Binance Announces Expansion of Fiat-Based Trading Platform to Singapore

Binance has revealed the extension of its fiat-based trading platform to Singapore.

Ex-PBoC Chief Urges China to Create Digital Currency

While recognizing the help that Libra may bring to developing countries, former PBoC governor Zhou emphasized that the cryptocurrency would pose a threat to current cross-border payments systems and weaken national currencies.

Protesters Burn Down Bitcoin Wallets Scam Operator’s House

At the height of its popularity, the company managed to rake in an average of over R2 million ($141,000) in cash deposits every day.

Convenience Store Chain Sheetz Adds Bitcoin ATMs to Six Locations

The family-owned chain has partnered with Bitcoin ATM network Coinsource to let users buy and sell crypto with US dollars in five Pennsylvania locations and one in North Carolina.

Rep. Emmer Reintroduces Crypto-Friendly Hard Fork Tax Bill

The bill, entitled “Safe Harbor for Taxpayers with Forked Assets Act,” is expected to provide protection for crypto-holding taxpayers who Emmer claims are being “unfairly punished” for investing in emerging technology.

Canada Is Relaxing Its Cryptocurrency Regulations

Canada is backtracking on its cryptocurrency rules amid the Quadriga CX scandal.

Dapp Development Firm Near Secures $12.1M in Recent Seed Round

Near is currently working on the NEAR Protocol, a proof-of-stake blockchain that uses sharded sections of the network to run parallel computation and boost throughput.

New Turkish Economic Roadmap Points to National Cryptocurrency

According to the 11th Development Plan, an economic road map released by the Turkish government this week, a central bank digital currency (CBDC) is among several blockchain-related items Turkey has penciled in for the future.

Metropolitan Bank Maintains Tether’s Account for 5 Months Before Closing It Down

Metropolitan Commercial Bank held accounts for stablecoin issuer Tether and associated firms for five months before closing them down, a spokesperson said.