Newegg Provides Bitcoin Payment Options to Additional 73 Countries

Newegg, a popular tech retailer, has announced that it will be offering bitcoin payment options to consumers in 73 countries.

Newegg’s president of global sales, Anthony Chow, stated that the move is in line with its goal to advance innovation within the e-commerce industry.

“Broadening the ability to pay with Bitcoin to the majority of our global network underscores our commitment to bring innovation to the online shopping experience, and answers customers’ growing preference for our Bitcoin payment option,” Chow stated in a press release.

Newegg has been accepting bitcoin payments from U.S. and Canadian shoppers since 2014. With this move, the U.S.-based retailer is now making the payment option accessible in the vast majority of countries it serves.

BitPay, a cryptocurrency payment processor, will enforce all bitcoin transactions on Newegg’s platform, the announcement said.

Earlier this year, telecom mogul AT&T added support for bitcoin for customers who want to pay their bills online. The Dallas-based provider also partnered with BitPay to provide customers with the option.