Net Zero (NETZ)

    Netzero Coin Over 200 Projects Worth Billions

    NETZ is created by a team which, for more than 36 years, has participated in over 200 projects with no defaults. It introduces its 2.0 generation security token, NETZ Coin. NETZ allows open access to every investor into high yielding of energy power plants that have historically been accessible to giant energy corporations and funds. It develops and invests in green energy power plants in the Waste to Energy and Aquaculture with underlying collateral and lucrative renewable energy assets that provide NETZ with a tangible, real-world asset value in contrast to other digital currencies. NETZ does not depend on its currency’s value to give returns to investors.

    Historically, Net Zero Enterprises has generated capital on a project by project basis per a conventional private equity/debt model that means approaching multiple local banks and investors on a “one by one basis” in every new project location. Before the shovel can go into the ground, capital intensive projects in the Waste to Energy and Aquaculture necessitate a sizable investment up front by the developer. These are expenses for pre-engineering, permits, site control, project insurances, the creation of a guaranteed max price construction contract, feedstock & offtake agreements, etc. For this development stage, Net Zero Enterprises has a proprietary model to make sure that all projects are delivered on budget and on time.

    Net Zero Enterprises has shed $16.5 million for the pre-development of the NETZ Portfolio and is aiming to provide access to the cryptocurrency world for investors to join in the success of what it claims will be the beginning of asset-backed ICOs delivering profits. In turn, it will guarantee that investors are secured of their profits via transparent blockchain financial reporting as well as investor dividends.

    Pre-Sale 2018-10-20 – 2018-12-20
    Token Sale 2019-01-20 – 2019-03-30
    Token NETZ
    Type Security
    Price 1 NETZ = 1.45 USD
    Bonus Available
    Platform Ethereum
    Accepting ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, XRP
    Minimum Investment 1 ETH
    Soft Cap 5,000,000 USD
    Hard Cap 374,000,000 USD
    Country Sweden
    Restricted area
    White Paper