Nebraska Lawmaker Files Three Crypto and Blockchain Bills

A Nebraska lawmaker filed three bills focused on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Public records show that on January 3, 2018, Senator Carol Blood submitted 3 proposed laws to the Nebraska Legislature. While two of the bills focus on blockchain applications, one of the bills would amend Nebraska’s money-laundering law to account for cryptocurrencies.

Mirroring efforts in other US states, one of the bills would give way for the technology’s use for notarization and the establishment of a document’s provenance. The measure, if passed, would “authorize and define smart contracts…[and] authorize use of distributed ledger technology in the Electronic Notary Public Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act.”

One of Blood’s proposed bills would “prohibit cities and villages and counties from taxing or otherwise regulating the use of distributed ledger technology.” This is in light of the example set by the state of Nevada. An identical bill has been signed into law last summer, which prevents local jurisdictions from taxing the use of smart contracts as well as mandating a license to use the technology in the first place.

It is still uncertain whether the lawmakers in Nebraska will embrace the proposed laws. Although no hearing dates have yet to be scheduled, Nebraska legislature’s official website states that the bills in question have been referred to their respective committees for further deliberation.