MyTrackNet (MTN)

    Find Anything. Get Rewarded

    Blockchain has come as a revolutionary tool which can level up humanity. From the idea of decentralized global currency to zero knowledge technology and smart contracts, blockchain can disrupt the world over the next decade. However, some issues can now be addressed using existing technology, a prospect which can cause mass crypto adoption.

    MyTrackNet is tackling one of these issues. It is a global lost and found network leveraging the blockchain technology to reward the contribution of participants. It seeks to disrupt the CrowdGPS feature by combining the power of all Bluetooth trackers into a single unified network.

    When a MyTrackNet user misplaces or loses a device, they can issue a bounty for their loss, compensating network participants to contribute. MyTrackNet may also work with manual entries for individuals who lost something without a Bluetooth tracker attached by merely providing a photo, description, and the last known location.

    MyTrackNet utilizes the blockchain as an incentive layer intended to incentivize users with the Waves-based MTN token for helping boost network coverage, efficiency, and density when they pass by a lost Bluetooth tracking device or by allowing the app to run in the background with their Bluetooth open and covering some distance.

    As said earlier, users can issue a bounty for their loss and send it to the individual who helped them find it, displaying MyTrackNet’s potential to become an international community of people who are active within the network.

    MyTrackNet won the Waves ICOHUB competition and will leverage the technology offered by the Waves platform for token creation, decentralized trading, and distribution. It selected the Waves platform because of its expert team, intuitive user interface, and active community.

    Token MTN
    Type Utility
    PreICO Price 1 MTN = 0.039 – 0.054 USD
    Price 1 MTN = 0.054 USD
    Bonus Available
    Platform Waves
    Accepting BTC, ETH, LTC, WAVES
    Soft Cap 100,000 USD
    Hard Cap 700,000 USD