Moscow to Build Blockchain Framework for Transparent City Services

Russia’s capital is seeking a contractor to develop a blockchain framework to host the city’s administrative services.

Open Media details that Moscow’s Information Technologies Department has revealed an auction to develop an ethereum-based framework that will have the electronic administrations presently offered to Muscovites. The assessed cost of advancement is stated as 57 million Russian rubles, or roughly $860,000.

The list of services to be facilitated on the platform incorporates issuance of documents pertaining to property owners and inhabitants, and allotment of spaces at the city’s farmers markets. The framework is to be based on proof-of-authority consensus and have a maximum capacity of 1.5 million simultaneous viewers.

Building the platform is anticipated to take 60 days once the contractor has been chosen and the agreement inked, the terms stated. The IT Department said it intends to increase public confidence in Moscow’s electronic services by boosting transparency utilizing blockchain.

The platform is also to be linked with other blockchain trials presently embraced by the Moscow city government, including a voting platform named Active Citizen that lets Moscow inhabitants express inclinations on things such as areas for new bicycle paths and street enrichment, or rating city occasions.

The city has been testing Active Citizen since 2017. There’s also a plan to permit some areas to vote electronically amid this autumn’s city council elections, also utilizing blockchain tech, the official announcement stated. The alternative will be accessible to roughly 6 percent of voters.

Another trial, a framework for assigning spots at the city’s farmers market on the ethereum blockchain, was introduced last year. More than 2,700 trading stands during the April to November market season are up for grabs, but approximately 20,000 individuals usually bid.