MoCo (MoCo)

    New Era of Human Communication

    The MoCo platform is developing advanced anonymous social networking services, in 4K VR and 3D, while allowing its users to monetize their talents and creativity. Moreover, it will deliver real-time lossless 3D, 360 VR communication, as well as live events in 4K+ to the world.

    The MoCo team consists of passionate creators, developers, salespeople, producers, engineers, and other professionals who wish to revolutionize how the world communicates online, leveraging cutting-edge technology.

    VR Motion Communications (MoCo) is an innovative communication platform that would enable an anonymous 3D Avatar Chat, immersive 3DVR LiveVideo Chat, 4K/8K Live and Streaming Chat and other streaming services.

    The online marketplace of the MoCo platform will have both an official store in which users can buy avatar-related content and official avatars, and a free marketplace that allows users to monetize their original avatar-related content.

    The MoCo platform and technology will allow the introduction of the VTuber universe where users can further monetize their talents and creativity. MoCo will also enable broadcasting “large scale, simultaneous, 4K/8K, 360°RealTime, VR streaming events” worldwide, including the Super Bowl, WorldCup Soccer games, as well as sold-out concerts by top-level musicians.

    The MoCo team is combining its AI Automatic 2D-3D conversion, AI Video Compression, and AI motion capture technologies to let users enter the VR space through their mobile devices or web cameras.

    Users can create their customized character bots or avatars, move around in, build, and experience user-created digital RooMs, and hang out with their friends or connect with their family. They can curate and monetize their content, which would be copyright-protected via smart contracts and blockchain. The MoCo token and MoCo platform will permit the creation, purchasing, and selling of original content within a secure and fast ecosystem. Businesses and individuals can meet and communicate with others around the world safely. They can also establish their monetized economies with their ideas and talents.

    Pre-Sale 2018-06-20 – 2019-03-31
    Token Sale 2019-04-01 – 2019-09-30
    Token MoCo
    Type Utility
    Price 1 MoCo = 0.018 USD
    Bonus Available
    Bounty Available
    Platform Ethereum
    Accepting ETH, BTC, Fiat
    Soft Cap 6,000,000 USD
    Hard Cap 28,800,000 USD
    Country Philippines
    White Paper