Melbourne-Based Nauticus Blockchain Announces ICO

Nauticus, a Melbourne-based Fintech company, has recently announced the first stage of their vision for six ethical global banking and e-commerce solutions to utilize blockchain technology—their initial coin offering or ICO scheduled for launch on March 31.

The company has opened pre-registration, and those who chose to support early on were rewarded with 100 free coins.

The backers of the ICO will be able to use and trade Nauticus Coins immediately on the cryptocurrency and fiat exchange, unlike many new cryptocurrencies. Users will receive 50% off trading fees on the exchange. The platform is currently in development and scheduled to launch in the middle of this year, initially offering 100 cryptocurrencies and 6 fiat currencies: USD, EUR, JPY, HKD, AUD, and ZAR. Within 12 months, however, the exchange will be offering 300 digital currencies and 16 fiat currencies.

Only 170 cryptocurrency exchange platforms are active currently and taking advantage of the explosive growth of the industry. As of now, $30 million worth of cryptocurrencies is traded daily.

The firm also plans to establish a sustainable, large-scale blockchain mining center running on renewable energy to provide revenue and bigger server capacity in 2019 for the fast processing of Nauticus services for all users.

Profits will be reinvested in the business, along with merchant and peer-to-peer payments to support the development of a low-cost e-commerce marketplace. The Nauticus Coin, exchange, mobile app, and wallet will underpin these new platforms.

Nauticus also plans to offer a Know Your Customer verification and create an ICO community to provide resources and services for new ICOs.

Learn more about the Nauticus ICO here.