Decentralized infrastructure for city flights reduces risk, uncertainty, and entry barriers for everyone who wishes to join the emerging urban passenger air taxi market. It was the initiative of the Technology Consortium, dedicated to making the products of its participants comprise a turnkey urban air taxi management system and marketplace. operates as a business and technology incubator. It offers a portfolio investment strategy and advantages of global expert and entrepreneurial community. It incubates businesses that operate and sell passenger transportation as well as related technologies, products, and services along the end-to-end value chain from aerial vehicles R&D to mobile apps, landing pads, and other services that can be sold by the grid.

    For consortium members, is a market channel for services and products. For entrepreneurs, it is a support ecosystem and a marketplace that incentivizes contributions into its development. It would then enable them to sell devices-as-services for a fee from passengers and the grid. For experts, is a gateway to the emerging market and industry. For passengers, it is a chance to get cut-rate flights sooner than possible and in more cities

    The McFLY token will function as a reward mechanism for human and machine services within a shared system. It is a success metric that reflects the concept’s development, the incubator, participants, and the industry in general.

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    Dates 2018-04-05 – 2018-07-31
    Token McFLY
    Price 0.1170 USD
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    Country Russia
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