Max Keiser: Bitcoin Is Currency of Global Revolution and Nightmare of Trust Money

World-class journalist and media defender of bitcoin, Max Keiser, made a presentation at Labitconf in Montevideo, Uruguay, in which he underscored the impact that digital currencies create in the global scenario and specifically in the Latin American region. 

With a discussion entitled “Why Bitcoin Matters in Emerging Markets,” Keiser made that big appearance in his easygoing style, with a sports jacket and shorts, but primarily for the most part with a critical tone towards trust money and conventional economic and financial system.

Keiser underscored that bitcoin‘s first function is to tidy up the chaos left in the world by fiat money. One of the points he featured during the presentation was: “The inherent violence of fiat money must be replaced by the peaceful nature of Bitcoin.”

Then again, he said that government officials in the United States are starting to consider what digital currencies are about, and cited Representative Brad Sherman, who had recognized that bitcoin’s purpose is to remove their influence.

For Keiser, “Bitcoin is the currency of a global revolution and the nightmare of trust money,” as he put it during Labitconf, it’s “resistance money.”

Meanwhile, he stated that when we talk about regulators and regulations, we need to keep in mind that these regulators are being paid in fiat currency.

Keiser likewise took the chance to discuss Argentina, saying that Argentina is a decent place to embrace bitcoin as the nation has survived recurrent occasions of economic and social crisis in past decades.