Malta Blockchain Summit

From the very start of 2018, Malta’s commitment to foster the growth of nascent technologies has been very evident. It has also catapulted the country to prominence in both the crypto and blockchain sphere, attracting some of the world’s leading crypto exchanges such as Binance and OKEx. As the country inches another step closer to becoming the world’s first “Blockchain Island,” Malta is hosting one of the most highly anticipated blockchain events in Europe, the Malta Blockchain Summit.

On 1st November, Malta will see some of the most distinguished global influencers in technology, innovation, civil society, and democracy promotion, as the nation hosts the 2018 Malta Blockchain Summit, a two-day event slated to be held at the InterContinental Arena. With over 4,000 delegates, 1,000 investors, 100 speakers, and 300 sponsors and exhibitors representing the burgeoning industry focusing on distributed ledger technology, the summit is expected to become a melting pot of some of the most globally respected industry players, as the event will put on some insightful discussions highlighting the massive potential of budding technologies, such as blockchain, AI, the IoT, Big Data, as well as Quantum Technology.

Completing the summit’s illustrious roster of distinguished speakers are McAfee Associates founder John McAfee, blockchain co-inventor W. Scott Stornetta, TechCrunch editor Mike Butcher, LATTICE80-Founder Joe Seunghyun Cho, Kiip founder Brian Wong along with Yida Gao, Signia Ventures founder and partner Sunny Dhillon, Tim Rehder, Marc P. Bernegger, Ana Trbovich, Eva Kaili, Sebastian Markowsky, Joseph Cuschieri, Felix Petersen, Hartej Sawhney, Jimmy Zhong, Philippe Chevry, Jon Matonis, Steve Tendon, Ian Gauci, Damir Bandalo, Li Jiang, Miko Matsumura, Gordon Einstein, Alex Lightman, Loretta Joseph, Prashant Fonseka, with Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat inaugurating the regulatory conference.

As the nation positions itself as the world’s front-runner in pioneering legislative initiatives in an effort to help promote the blockchain industry, Malta is keeping with its general enthusiasm surrounding the sector, as the summit covers the field’s regulation and investments, marketing and affiliation, as well as tokenomics and cryptocurrencies. Featuring a series of events, including four major conferences, a massive expo floor, an ICO Pitch, and a two-day Hackathon, all of which culminate in a Blockchain Awards ceremony and a Crypto Cruise. Not only does the event present an immense opportunity for global influencers to forge new connections, but it also serves as a reflection of Malta’s impetus to promote the growth and adoption of blockchain technology across various industries, including healthcare, banking, governments, and even entertainment.

With the Blockchain Summit nearing its launch, Malta is proving itself once again as a global trailblazer, as it strives not only to establish its footing in the crypto and blockchain sphere but also to become the blockchain center of the world.

Date: 1-2 November 2018.

Venue: InterContinental

Address: St George’s Bay, St Julians

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