Ludos (LUD)

    A Decentralized Gaming Economy

    Ludos Protocol is a purpose-built blockchain infrastructure project backed by the Japanese investment giant, Softbank. It is designed for the gaming community and addresses several shortcomings in the current gaming landscape. Games can run entirely on their blockchain, thanks to the main chain + multi-sidechain architecture. The Protocol aims to build a gamer-friendly ecosystem whereby players and game developers can conveniently crowdfund and develop the platform. With the utilization of non-fungible tokens in the ecosystem, gamers can swap assets in a game for assets in another. Ultimately, through their collaboration with FullPay Japan, players can use the LUD tokens earned in-game to shop at several Japanese retail stores.

    The blockchain technology’s integration in the game industry faces several issues, including public blockchains’ lack of throughput capacity, challenges for developers, a traffic jam caused by a popular DApp, over-occupation of resources due to executing smart contracts, and the incomplete convergence and divergence of the business environment. Considering those problems, Ludos decided to adopt established technology and integrate matured tech from the open-source community into the present game sector. It recognizes the current blockchains’ technical limitations and will balance the efficiency and decentralization of the blockchain. It will share core codes to developers to build an efficient and trustless game ecosystem.

    Ludos leverages smart contract to realize reward system, manage game sidechain, and fulfill in-game currency and digital assets operations. With the blockchain technology’s immutability and transparency, it can achieve the identification and tracing of copyrights and crypto assets as well as record gamers’ rank, achievement, and performance across different platforms.

    Ludos will utilize the token economy and the blockchain to disrupt the game industry, offer a more transparent gaming environment, improve the flow of resources between downstream and upstream industries, and provide new opportunities for developers.

    2018-12-15 – 2019-02-15
    Token LUD
    Bounty Available
    MVP/Prototype Available
    Platform Ethereum
    Country Singapore
    Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
    Restricted area USA
    White Paper