Liberated Governance for All

    LEVEL G brings the modern decentralized financial technology to take the place of traditional ones. It seeks to alleviate poverty and boost individual potential. Liberated Governance is deep within LEVEL G.

    LEVEL G believes in decentralization. It encourages individuals to become part of that new mindset. Decentralization does not mean people are not responsible for their duty as citizens, but more towards their responsibility to reach the next level of freedom. Freedom to manage their finances without any intermediaries charging hefty fees and offering unnecessary services.

    The blockchain technology is delivering more goodness to society. LEVEL G encourages individuals to contribute by actively participating in the decentralized community by educating their friends and families about the technology. It wants to be decentralized deep within it.

    The LEVELG open-source network is designed to give full control of projects which addresses scalability issues by an earlier decentralized network. LEVELG is promoting international financial access and integration. It seeks to allow institutions to offer low-cost and reliable financial technologies to cater to all ethnicities, geographies, religions, and wealth classes.

    LEVELG requires minimum balances on accounts and minimal fees on transactions to prevent individuals from overwhelming the network and help in prioritization. Presently, the base fee is set to 0.00001 XLM.

    Stellar smart contracts enforce security. It is a composition of transactions which are linked and executed through various constraints. Every transaction is signed by the sender to cryptographically prove that the sender is authorized to conduct the transaction.

    Token LEVELG
    Type Utility
    Platform Stellar
    Accepting Stellar
    Country Malaysia
    Website https://levelg.net
    Twitter https://twitter.com/LevelgNet
    White Paper https://levelg.net/wp