KuCoin Platform 2.0 Launches with Various Order Types & Advanced API

Well-known crypto exchange KuCoin has officially released its Platform 2.0. Besides the new interfaces for the KuCoin website, Android and iOS apps, Platform 2.0 delivers several additional features such as a WebSocket API, Device Trust System, Stop Orders, and SNS push notifications. KuCoin 2.0 is a malleable, dynamic, and secure trading platform capable of providing efficient and stable services to millions of KuCoin users.

“This upgrade is another milestone after our $20 million round A funding from IDG Capital, Matrix Partners, and NGC,” KuCoin CEO Michael Gan stated. “As the ‘People’s Exchange,’ we always listen to our users and have gained a number of insights during the R&D of Platform 2.0. The long-awaited multiple order types will better satisfy our investors’ trading needs. Meanwhile, the advanced WebSocket API and Rest API will contribute to improving our liquidity and market depth. We are confident that these features will make KuCoin a better place to trade.”

Advanced brand new API 

KuCoin’s APIs are developed to provide an efficient and convenient way to create a programmatic and secure trading strategy. LEVEL 2 and LEVEL 3 data were included as well.

Various order types

KuCoin introduces a suite of order types to provide traders with the necessary tools for different scenarios. These include Post Only, Stop, Limit, Iceberg, Market, etc.

Reliable security solutions 

It prioritizes various security mechanisms to safeguard user funds and information. With the upgrade, KuCoin now supports a device trust system, SMS authentication, and protective walls to reinforce user assets and data.

More attractive fee program 

KuCoin is launching a Tiered Trading Fee Discount Program, providing separate trading fees for Makers and Takers, minimizing trading fees, and producing high liquidity while making the transaction more efficient.

More convenient self-service management features 

Platform 2.0 includes support for internal transfers, self-service freezing/unfreezing of accounts, self-service unbinding, and other user self-service features to enhance the service.

Efficient notification module

KuCoin’s WebSocket feed, along with new App and SMS push notifications, will allow convenient access to the latest market data.

KCS soared by 40%

KuCoin Shares (KCS) have spiked by over 17% after the announcement of the impending Platform 2.0 upgrade release on February 17. Shortly after the upgrade’s completion, the token reached $0.52, climbing nearly 40% in only three days. Like Binance’s BNB, KCS is the KuCoin exchange’s native token.

“The price of KCS can partly reflect the public’s expectations for KuCoin’s future. Our Platform 2.0 brings many features that target institutional investors, and their attendance will contribute a lot to our market depth and trading volume alike. Meanwhile, another focus for us is to expand the use cases of KCS in the real world. One good example of this is that we recently worked with ETHLend to allow our users to get a crypto loan with KCS,” Gan commented.

KuCoin offers an exchange service for clients to perform digital asset transactions efficiently and securely. It seeks to provide long-lasting, increased value to its over five million registered users across more than 100 nations.