Kriptotrackers Token (KTS)

    Evaluate Economics

    Kriptotrackers is a partnership initiative that aims to minimize the risk for investors interested in the crypto space by monitoring the characteristics of each project. Kriptotrackers is designed for investors, developers, and communities.

    Kriptotrackers KTS tracks significant aspects of crypto fundamental analysis. It provides a smart dashboard feed built with indicators that offer a glimpse of the projects that have an edge in the blockchain community.

    Once the information is gathered, the company will assign evaluations of the project. The first evaluation includes the present performance of the project, while the second will evaluate its potential performance in the future. All these will be done by monitoring blockchain, economic, innovation, community, and development aspects.

    2019-07-22 –  First 300K KTS
    Last 350K KTS – 2019-08-22
    Token KTS
    Price 1 KTS = 0.01ETH
    Platform & Token Type Ethereum
    Soft Cap 300 ETH
    Hard Cap 5,500 ETH
    Country Mexico
    Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
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