Kraken Lists USDC Stablecoin Today

Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken is listing the USDC stablecoin, which is issued by the Circle-backed CENTRE Consortium and Coinbase.

Clients of Kraken will have the option to exchange the stablecoin beginning January 8, as per a statement released Tuesday. USDC is the third stablecoin being offered by Kraken, after DAI and Tether (USDT).

The supply of USDC has ascended by practically 98% since January 1, 2019, at more than 518 million, according to recent figures.

Kraken has additionally established five trading pairs for USDC: bitcoin (BTC)/USDC; USDC/U.S. dollar (USD); ether (ETH)/USDC; USDC/euro (EUR); and USDC/USDT.

In particular, the USDC support is presently available for Kraken, Kraken Pro, and its over-the-counter trading platforms. The stablecoin isn’t being listed to Kraken’s Futures and Margin Trading platforms right now.