Kambria (KAT)

    Fueling the Robotics Economy

    Kambria is a decentralized open innovation platform fostering a collaborative ecosystem aimed at significantly accelerating the adoption and development of the most sophisticated robotics technology.

    High startup cost, wasted labor and siloed development impede the progress in the robotics industry. Such results in the robotics innovation’s pace being needlessly constrained. Kambria’s creation is a product of a desire to accelerate the process by involving a large community of tinkerers and developers, offering the essential tools and connecting them via market demand.

    Kambria draws inspiration from popular open source operating systems such as Android and Linux. The platform’s core is an open robotics repository with modular hardware components and a high-level behavior library. The repository is intended to boost reusability and cooperation during robotics development.

    The Kambria Token (KAT) facilitates platform interactions. Firms can utilize the tokens to launch bounty challenges which are given to projects if fulfilled. Groups and individuals are incentivized with KAT for contributing code or designs. Community members can use the tokens to fundraise for the shared technology’s legal protection and promote certain projects. KAT may also be utilized to sustain the growing community and fairly capture the value produced by the Kambria platform.

    The Kambria community of companies, manufacturers, backers, users, and contributors are empowered to team up and promote the robotics ecosystem’s exponential growth. The common goal is to design and introduce advanced yet affordable consumer robots at 10x the efficiency, speed, and ease. It will unlock significant value in markets primed for technological innovation.

    2018-12-01 – 2018-12-05
    Token KAT
    Price 1 KAT = 0.02 USD
    MVP/Prototype Available
    Platform Ethereum
    Accepting ETH
    Country USA
    Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
    Restricted areas China, USA
    Website https://kambria.io
    Twitter https://twitter.com/KambriaNetwork
    White Paper https://kambria.io/Kambria_White_Paper_v2_20180615.pdf