Kaleido Blockchain Now Offers Advanced Privacy Protection Service

Enterprise blockchain startup Kaleido, a part of ConsenSys’ venture studio, turned to be the first to implement crypto privacy company QEDIT’s zero-knowledge proof solution.

QEDIT asserts in an official statement on September 15 that this collaboration with Kaleido will empower its private asset transfer feature as an off-the-rack alternative for organizations utilizing the platform. Jonathan Rouach, CEO and co-founder of QEDIT said:

“Kaleido has played a leading role in accelerating the deployment of enterprise blockchain technology by removing the need for companies to invest significant resources in custom code development.”

Rouach additionally named the Komgo blockchain as an example of Kaleido’s potential, guaranteeing that major energy firms and financial institutions utilize it. According to the announcement, Kaleido “is the only full-stack blockchain SaaS that is enterprise and consortia-ready.”

As previously reported in May last year, leading cloud platform Amazon Web Service collaborated with Kaleido to provide streamlines blockchain cloud platforms for its customers. In November last year, the two also revealed a full-stack platform that enables businesses to actualize blockchain solutions.