Jaxx Blockchain Wallet Supports Dentacoin


Multi-token Blockchain wallet Jaxx has introduced to its platform a digital currency created for the dentist industry, Dentacoin. As per the release, the customers’ Jaxx wallets can now be used to secure their Dentacoins.

Dentacoins can be acquired either from cryptocurrency exchanges or by participating in dental loyalty programs. According to Dentacoin’s website, the project was initially conceptualized to enhance dental care, providing a more inexpensive service to its customers.

As industry partner acquisition manager at Dentacoin, Klaus-Christian Werner stated in the website release:

“This is a big step for Dentacoin. Considering our target group, which does not necessarily consist of tech-savvy people, we strive to provide Dentacoin users with the most user-friendly options to store and exchange their tokens. This is crucial for achieving the mass adoption we aim for.”