Japan Entertainment Giant Launches Crypto Mining Lab

Japan’s DMM Group is developing a specialty lab centered on crypto mining. DMM Group, an e-commerce and internet giant, also revealed additional plans for its mining operations.

DMM Introduces Its Mining Lab

DMM Group, operator of well-known e-commerce site DMM.com with 27 million subscribers, on Thursday made public the creation of its “research and development specialty lab” intended for cryptocurrency mining, aptly called DMM Mining Labo.

The company explained that “In pursuing the highest possible hash power [the team will], go through cycles of experimentations and iterations, enhancing the set-up and tuning of our specialty machines.”  DMM described that the lab will also carry out ongoing research on various kinds of mining rig types and test them so that they can find the, “optimum balance between their hash power and electricity consumption.” The company’s announcement reads:

“In the foreseeable future, the goal of DMM Mining Labo is to achieve the highest per unit hash power for our machines…In the long-term future, DMM is examining options for manufacturing of their original mining machines, expanding operations beyond use of ready-made units.”

DMM’s Mining Plan

The group first aired their plans to run “a mass-scale, made in Japan” mining farm back in September of last year. During that time the company stated, “DMM plans [to build an] operation that ranks in [the] top three of the world’s mining farm companies in terms of scale.” DMM added:

“During the year 2018, DMM will be one of the 10 largest mining farms in the world.”

In Thursday’s announcement, DMM said the company is “open to formalized adoption proposals of such technology from research institutes and various development corporations.” It also seeks to tie-up with major manufacturing companies. Moreover, the lab is “prepared to run formalized testing on samples of pre-market technologies.”

Meanwhile, as it has been reported another Japanese conglomerate GMO Internet has already started mining operation through its European legal entity last month. The company said GMO is using on-hand technology to mine at its mining center in Northern Europe while also developing 7nm chips, adding that it is working on research and development with a partner who owns the needed semiconductor design technology. GMO plans to use 7nm mining boards in their labs in the first half of the year and sell them in initial coin offering (ICO).