Is this the Internet’s Third Revolution?

Acute Angle Cloud White Paper was launched on their own website on December 14, 2017. It has been dubbed as an innovative project based on blockchain technology. It became the source of much intense debate when the hardware, Acute Angle PC, was released on their website on the December 12th. Acute Angle Cloud is expected to create an internationally distributed IaaS platform, which deals with the Web 2.0’s inadequacies and creates cloud service infrastructure of Web 3.0.

It has been quite obvious that Web 2.0 possesses many inadequacies: hackers being able to attack its central server, the identical document multiplies on the internet and requires too much space, many computers have more than 60% idle hard disk, wasted resources, using cloud services still costs too much, spam risk, fraud and virus attack, lack of privacy, and others.

Website developers created the servers in Web 1.0. The website can no longer be accessed if the server is shut down. However, with Web 2.0, one no longer needs to build his/her own server. Even a young company can present quality content and service by means of renting a cloud server at a cost of several thousand dollars. The birth of Bitcoin network and IPFS (Interplanetary File System) will give way to a brand-new infrastructure.

With the evolution of technologies, Web 3.0 is upon us. The dawn of Bitcoin allows the internet to shoulder more value and trust, and blockchain technology will bring about a higher upsurge of Web 3.0, Internet of Everything. It will modify the mode of storage and transmission that has been in use in the data aspect for 20 years already. Internet of Everything enables users to access a variety of applications without costly equipment. Smart cars can now be controlled via webpage, revenues can be instantly received the moment a document is saved online, Apple Apps can be adopted in Android systems while sustaining high speed, speedy computation, security and permanent web use.

Acute Angle Cloud is an internationally distributed IaaS platform realizing worldwide distributed cloud computing based on Acute Angle PC, Acute Angle Chain and IPFS (Interplanetary File System). Acute Angle Cloud is merely 1/10 of the present cloud system. It is a ground-breaking system solution, more efficient and reliable at that.

To guarantee the safety of the system, traditional and centralized servers execute many backups which lead to susceptibility and redundancy. IPFS is a technological solution that produces a distinct fingerprint for a document utilizing Hash algorithm with the whole system deleting files with repeated fingerprints before saving the Hash value to the blockchain. This is safe and permanent while decreasing redundancy committed by the integrated system. P2P proximity system has the ability to save 60% bandwidth resources and heighten the speed many times over.

Acute Angle PC, as the terminal hardware of the whole system, can be incorporated in the Acute Angle Chain system. It is capable of providing comprehensive and sustained IaaS service for Internet business by offering idle resources. Rewards received from mining can be utilized for obtaining Acute Angle Cloud service.

Acute Angle Chain a decentralized blockchain platform, that employs the use of smart contracts to encourage users to provide idle hard disk, bandwidth, harsh rate and others to supply the cloud service. Powered by Acute Angle Chain, the whole system would have permanent momentum. Everyone has a contribution and in return gets rewarded for it. It forms a highly efficient, secured, stable and permanent internationally distributed IaaS service platform.

Acute Angle Cloud White Paper is now available and can be downloaded from Acute Angle Cloud website. Additional information is available at the official website: and join the telegram channel: