Indian Police Arrest Kidnappers Who Held Two Traders for 80 BTC Ransom

Law enforcement authorities in India have busted a criminal group responsible for the kidnapping of three individuals, including two bitcoin dealers, local news outlet Hindustan Times reported.

The criminals demanded for a ransom of 80 bitcoin (roughly $840,000 USD at the time of writing) to be paid in exchange for the discharge of the two traders before kidnapping the third victim.

The victims were held captive for more than two weeks and kept in a unit on the ninth floor of an 11-story building within the Bhankrota zone, found in Jaipur, where they were over and over tormented.

The deputy commissioner of the local police, Vikas Sharma, said that the police initially found the kidnappers’ den while examining a different carjacking. Agreeing to Sharma, one of the kidnappers’ assistants was found dallying around the area with a gun.

Upon cross-examination, he uncovered the whereabouts of his pack, which led to the members’ capture.