The most secure and fairest premium video rewarding ecosystem

    iKAST.io introduces the first decentralized, virtuous and open ecosystem, connecting the audience, advertisers, content providers, and online video platforms. With a blockchain-based ecosystem, its mission is to help content providers to distribute their videos better and optimize monetization by gathering more qualified views and new distribution channels via an online video platform network.

    The online video industry has significantly changed since the arrival of players like YouTube or Netflix. However, several issues have surfaced on the content providers’ side including the lack of distribution channels, lack of promotion and visibility for independent video contents, as well as a lack of return on investment and monetization. Therefore, over six million hours of premium contents are off the screens.

    iKAST.io seeks to address these issues by allowing more control on rights & royalties, more audience, and more revenue. The new ecosystem will serve as a foundation for a one-of-a-kind shared pool of contents, viewers, advertisers, and video platforms that will organically boost content consumption, content sales, and the birth of more video platforms. The KAST utility token powers the iKAST.io platform and its economy.

    iKAST.io allows content providers to launch their video platform, promote their brand, and editorial contents based on their business rules. They can incentivize viewers for their promotional activity and watching by sharing a portion of their revenues. These rewards boost watching consumption, attract brands and advertisers, generating stable revenue that will fuel further content production.

    To register these activities and offer a transparent ecosystem, the iKAST.io solution introduces a rock-solid mechanism with three levels:

    • Proof of eXperience which includes the validation of a watching session and generates the viewer’s incentive. Every content is registered in a secured, open, international registry, through a dedicated public blockchain.
    • Proof of Rights which is a registry that validates with a smart contract the business conditions and assigns a decentralized trustee. It will then monitor content consumption and manage the just distribution of revenue.
    • Proof of SHare that allows the checking and validating of all referring and sharing activities from viewers, thanks to the traceable referral codes and immutable history of social activities.

    These blockchain-based features will enable the development of the fairest rewarding and most secured ecosystem where user engagement has a positive impact on the entire value chain.

    iKAST.io is based on top-class technology partners and established products. It gathers the best-in-class premium video platform (OKAST), blockchain technology, and AI (FlameFy). These partners, bringing together several veterans and experts in video platforms, the blockchain, and big data field, will guarantee a solid technological product and a fast go to market.

    “We too often read about new disruptive technologies that will change the world. But it’s the first time that a new technology – blockchain – will really impact our entertainment industry. Decentralized, secure, it gives back full control of rights to creators, content owners and allow a real direct access to final customer. We are thrilled to build a new economy, with fair retributions, which will help out all kind of cultures to grab the right eyeballs,” iKAST.io CEO Cedric Monnier said.

    White Paperhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1FgVD0RtO2aOMn5uEVBrP2rUrV5vQFsUB/view?usp=sharing