Ideanomics Welcomes Kate Lam as New Managing Director of Digital Products

FinTech and asset digitization services firm Ideanomics has recently appointed former Propellr Securities CEO Kate Lam as its new Managing Director of Digital Products.

With over 25 years of financial markets experience under her belt, Kate Lam has held a number of key positions, marketing multiple asset classes to institutional investors across Asia and the US. Prior to Lam’s appointment at Ideanomics, she previously served as the CEO of a financing startup’s broker-dealer subsidiary, leading the firm’s integration of compliance and regulatory requirements onto its platform.

In addition, Lam has also held a number of senior positions at major investment banks, including Deutsche Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, and Bear Stearns, as she leads sales teams within emerging debt capital markets, US fixed income products, as well as foreign exchange.

As Lam stated in a recent press release announcing her appointment at Ideanomics:

“The leading edge of innovation in Capital markets uses Blockchain, AI, and top tier fintech solutions; that is why I am excited to be part of the team at Ideanomics. Bringing new digital products to market under these new technologies is revolutionary as digital innovation continues to disrupt the marketplace.”

Highlighting Lam’s valuable contribution in the financial industry, Ideanomics Co-CEO Bruno Wu stated:

“Kate is a well-recognized industry leader having worked with almost every major financial institution and technology firm over her career. Kate will continue to expand our asset digitization offerings to deliver new revenue channels, participate in new value chains, and provide a complete digital portfolio of intelligent financial asset backed products using Ideanomics AI and blockchain powered innovation.”