Transforming Crypto Asset Market

    International Digital Assets Platform (IDAP) seeks to offer a complete derivatives ecosystem for crypto assets with options, calendar & butterfly spreads, futures, and swaps among significant trading goods. It is the first self-contained platform for the digital currencies derivatives trading market, containing the IDAP Desktop App with advanced trading tools, crypto derivatives instruments for investment and trading, as well as the IDAP Exchange. By uniting institutions and individuals with an eye at a profit via risk acceptance or in need of risk management, IDAP’s goal is to become a highly diverse crypto derivatives marketplace for retailers and customers.

    The IDAP platform provides a point-and-click ladder-based trading interface via its desktop app. Its simulator device helps newbies in understanding futures trading. IDAP also offers an ICO venture fund focusing on retail investors. It will release its ERC-20 compliant IDAP token. All token holders will benefit from the 50% discount in management and trading fees if paid using IDAP. No trading fees will be charged from ICO contributors.

    The present crypto market’s volatility has made it imperative that the issue of hedging options and risk management for crypto assets be solved promptly. Traders being free to bet in both the bull and bear market run as well as to take short and long positions enables them to optimize and diversify their portfolio performance. Thanks to the full range of crypto-based derivatives products such as crypto indices, options, swaps, spreads, and futures. Furthermore, trading of such financial instruments deepens the market’s liquidity, hence stabilizing the price points of the underlying crypto assets.

    The IDAP exchange is a trading platform with high availability, low latency, housing an Institutional Grade Matching Engine with advanced OMS & SOR capabilities, implied orders system, and FIX 4.2/4.4 protocol for HFTs crafted to be fault-tolerant and swiftly operate. It supports ETFs, P2P lending, and spot trading.

    The team behind IDAP is comprised of highly motivated professionals with impressive academic background and years of trading experience on leading exchanges across the globe such as ICE and CME. The IDAP ecosystem is positioned to become a comprehensive solution for traders, harnessing all the advantages of the conventional trading market and distilling them to fit the digital currency landscape. The platform will reinvent how exchanges operate and will expand the pool of participants by attracting more traders using its product offerings.

    2019-02-15 – 2019-05-15
    Token IDAP
    PreICO Price 1 IDAP = 0.024 USD
    Price 1 IDAP = 0.03 USD
    Bonus Available
    Bounty Available
    MVP/Prototype Available
    Platform Ethereum
    Accepting BTC, ETH, LTC, WAN
    Soft Cap $2,000,000
    Hard Cap $10,000,000
    Country Seychelles
    Whitelist/KYC Whitelist
    Restricted area USA
    White Paper