ICOBox Announces the Culmination of Its ICOS Program

ICOBox, one of the global leaders in ICO marketing, has chosen to culminate its ICOS program, which intended to assist promising but underfunded new projects to have access to the tools created by ICOBox for selling their services and goods via ICOS.

In its 18 months of operation, the initiative has gotten 4,555 applications, in which 200 projects were chosen as participants. More than 600 tokens swaps were carried out during this time.

The platform will perform the following in the next two months:

  • March 15-31, 2019: final swaps for outstanding projects
  • April 1-14, 2019: all unexchanged tokens will be available for exchange. Users will also be allowed to deposit in the program tokens that they have withdrawn before from the platform.
  • April 14, 2019: the token exchange process will end
  • April 14-30, 2019: ICOS program will be open for withdrawals only, at no charge
  • May 1, 2019: there will be a monthly fee for using the platform, which can be paid through tokens stored in users’ accounts. The details about the charges will be available in ICOBox’s amended White Paper and Terms of Service.

Originally, ICOS program was started to support the development and launch of promising startups through the issuance of ICOS tokens. One of the program’s primary advantages is the chance to trade ICOS tokens for new projects’ tokens through the platform. All collected funds are utilized to cover the ICO costs for projects chosen by ICOS token holders.

Founded in 2017, ICOBox evolved from an unpopular startup to world’s biggest service provider for blockchain startups wanting to conduct their ICOs. It was able to assist 80 projects to enter the market and raise around $670 million through their ICOs. These include Universa, INS, Crypterium, Play2Live, Patron, Celsius, Storiqa, Tokenstars, Paragon, SocialMedia.Market, CrowdGenie, and Native Video Box among others.