ICURY by Icecat: More Than the Usual ICO

A company listed in the Netherlands exploiting a unique and global open content catalog in the e-commerce market, Icecat, is currently working on creating and issuing a “2.0” cryptocoin. Icecat cryptocurrency ICURRY is a token which will be accepted by Icecat which will also be playing a role in payments and content creation in the currently existing ecosystem of Icecat. The token will be issued by an existing and profitable business with substance which is currently operational with a track record – Icecat isn’t like the usual startups coming in with only their business ideas.

Decentralizing Icecat’s existing network for international product content syndication currently facilitating 18 billion downloads each year from tens of thousands of e-commerce companies is the new cryptotoken ICURY. The token will serve as pre-pay for Icecat’s services at minimum value. The token can also be used to incentivize decentralized content syndication and production.

As of now, one million product data-sheets are produced by Icecat each year. When decentralized, including token incentives, Icecat expects its production to increase to tens of millions of product data-sheets a year. Proof-of-quality checks which are independent remain critical in its token ecosystem as customers demand verified and standardized product content.

Icecat is closely collaborating with the Tacxe/Ledgable Blockchain team for the technical creation and issuance of the ICURY token. Icecat will announce the time schedule for its Initial Coin or Token Offering of the ICURY as soon as the technical pilot is concluded.

About Icecat NV

Stock noted at Dutch NPEX, Icecat NV is a global syndicator and publisher of product information for the e-commerce market. It was founded in 2009 and it is working with around 68,000 webshops along with hundreds of brands such as Sony, Samsung, Philips. HP, P&G, Lego, and L’Oréal.

The company also includes its subsidiaries, Icecat Content Sourcing OÜ (Icecat Estonia) and Icecat LLC (Icecat Ukraine), Iceshop BV, and participation Hatch BV Cost centers Icecat Estonia and Ukraine are both responsible for hiring editor and software developer capacity. Meanwhile, Hatch BV delivers smart “Buy Now” buttons which aid manufacturers in turning their websites into measurable lead generators for their online retailers. Iceshop, on the other hand, specializes in e-commerce integration and Product Information Management solutions.

To learn more, join their Telegram ICURY group here.