IBM Partners with Hu-manity to Launch Blockchain-Based Health Data App, the world’s first and only organization developing decentralized human rights and corollary sovereign laws on Blockchains, has struck a deal with IBM’s Blockchain division to integrate the tech company’s platform into its global consent ledger, allowing users to claim, control, and manage their data.

Announced in a press release published September 6, the partnership between IBM Blockchain and Hu-manity was forged in an effort to provide users greater control over their personal data. To that end, Hu-manity will be leveraging on IBM’s Blockchain platform which would serve as the technological foundation of its #My31 App.

Now available on Google Play and soon to be rolled-out on Apple’s App Store, Hu-manity’s #My31 app was pioneered as part of the company’s movement to declare data ownership as the 31st Human Right, in addition to the 30 already upheld by the United Nations.

IBM Blockchain’s collaboration with Hu-manity marks its latest expansion in the field of “self-sovereign identity.” Prior to working with the company, Big Blue has also been involved in other similar projects, including its previous partnership with SecureKey, an identity and authentication provider that streamlines consumer access to online services, and Sovrin Foundation, an international non-profit organization behind the first self-sovereign identity (SSI) network.

Explaining the long-term business value of distributed ledgers-based applications for self-sovereign identity, IBM Blockchain general manager Marie Wieck stated:

“Getting people’s permissioned rights on a blockchain will create a marketplace and entirely new economic business models as a result.”

While Hu-manity’s app was originally developed for individual users, Wieck hinted at plans of expanding its reach by launching an enterprise version of #My31, to be initially available in the healthcare sector at the outset of 2019.

According to Hu-manity’s chief evangelist:

“Healthcare data sets are among the largest and most valuable. Given the personal nature of health data, it makes sense to employ technologies that engender the level of trust and transparency that is in business to provide. This will set the stage for expanding to other forms of human data in the future.”

As it stands, the human data marketplace accounts for roughly $150-200 billion annually and is still unceasingly growing exponentially. Upon launch, Hu-manity’s app will primarily be limited to healthcare data. However, human data may consist of a number of other information such as consumer spending habits, energy consumption information, geospatial data, even data stored on social media platforms and online search engines.

As Hu-manity founder and CEO Richie Etwaru highlighted:

“This is one of those rare times in history where people can use an app to change the world without getting off the sofa. It is a giant step for every individual on the planet to own our data as our property and have a seat at the table for the first time. While it is clearly a victory for the individual, companies benefit immensely from the option of having access to explicitly consented data. The #My31 app empowers business needs and individual rights to co-exist and thrive.”