Hyperledger Adds Six New Members to Blockchain Consortium


Blockchain consortium Hyperledger has announced the addition of 16 new members as part of the project’s continuous expansion.

Announced Wednesday during the Hyperledger Global Forum in Basel, Switzerland, among the consortium’s new members include Chinese cloud computing company Alibaba Cloud, a subsidiary of the multinational conglomerate; trade finance blockchain platform We.Trade; financial services giant Citigroup and its Citi Ventures arm; and Deutsche Telekom, the largest telecommunications provider in Europe.

Other new members also include KEB Hana Bank, Techrock, Xooa, Guangzhishu Technology, Guangzhou Technology Innovation Space Information Technology, BlockDao, HealthVerity, and MediConCen, according to Hyperledger.

As it stands, Hyperledger is now comprised of over 260 members.

Highlighting the rapid growth of the consortium, Hyperledger executive director Brian Behlendorf stated:

“The growing Hyperledger community reflects the increasing importance of open source efforts to build enterprise blockchain technologies across industries and markets. The latest members showcase the widening interest in and impact of DLT and Hyperledger.”

Developing a roaming application on top of Hyperledger’s Fabric was “a natural choice,” according to Deutsche Telekom senior vice president John Calian, adding that using such an open source permissioned platform provides multiple benefits for businesses, as it offers an ideal production-ready ecosystem for companies comprised of multiple stakeholders.

The addition of new members is part of Hyperledger’s ongoing expansion in recent months, alongside the conglomerate’s publication of a number of tools for developers’ software creation.

Last week, Hyperledger has also launched Ursa, a cryptographic library designed to support blockchain developers in the creation and implementation of applications while eliminating bugs.