Huobi Wallet Includes TRON Support to Promote Diversification

Crypto exchange Huobi aims to help diversify users’ assets in various ways. The exchange’s native wallet now supports TRX, which can promote the altcoin’s adoption.

Huobi recognizes the need to support other assets and not just Bitcoin and Ethereum. With this goal in mind, the exchange has strengthened its mobile wallet by enabling support for TRON. According to a November 20 report by Sludge Feed, TRX users now have the capability to store their assets on the Huobi app while maintaining control over their own private keys.

This new inclusion improves the Huobi Wallet’s overall attractiveness. Aside from all ERC20 tokens, the wallet now has a total of 7 top crypto assets under its belt along with stablecoins. Users stand to benefit from companies’ continuous search for convenient and versatile mobile wallets.

Mobile crypto wallets are convenient but they are not designed to store a large number of funds. For this reason, many crypto holders still prefer keeping their funds in exchange wallets, which means that they do not have control over their private keys. On the other hand, the Huobi wallet has been developed to hold as many users as possible.

The new addition to the Huobi wallet is part of the company’s plans for TRON. Rumors have been circulating that the company has been working on a new TRX bounty program, which is slated to incentivize users when they store their holdings on the exchange or in the mobile wallet. However, the company has yet to release any further details about this project.