HTC’s Blockchain Phone Enables Bitcoin Cash Support

HTC’s blockchain phone has announced support for bitcoin cash. 

On September 16, HTC revealed its collaboration with to include bitcoin cash support for its Exodus 1 blockchain phone. The new feature will accompany’s preinstalled wallet and be integrated into the Exodus 1 programming update. will also offer the Exodus 1 and all future variants.

In an announcement, Phil Chen, chief decentralization officer of HTC, considered the update a natural subsequent stage for the phone. “The Zion Vault is happy to support BCH natively in hardware so security goes hand-in-hand in the BCH blockchain as an alternative to dominant payment rails and platforms,” he stated.

With the collaboration, Zion Vault, the phone’s essential management software would now be able to secure BCH transfers by signing off on transactions.

Before last February, HTC only acknowledged major digital currencies bitcoin and ethereum. At the time of writing, the phone is valued at $699.

Initially revealed at Consenses last year, HTC has routinely refreshed the Exodus 1 with new blockchain features. An update in May enabled clients to swap digital currencies within the Zion Vault wallet directly.

Exodus 1 may soon be supplanted by HTC’s second-generation blockchain phone: the more up to date, less expensive Exodus 1s. Chen has recently disclosed that the $200-$300 phone would start shipping in the third quarter.