HTC Introduces Blockchain Phone Exodus 1s

HTC has recently released its Exodus 1s, which can hold the full Bitcoin node. The mobile phone won’t have the option to mine bitcoin, but it can keep the entire Bitcoin Ledger on an SD card, as indicated by a report by Forbes. 

HTC’s decentralized chief officer Phil Chen stated in the report that this capacity would guarantee extra security and privacy.

“It[the node] plays a really important role in the whole bitcoin ecosystem,” Chen stated in the report. “It allows you to relay transactions, confirm transactions, validate transactions, and it’s basically one of the best ways for anybody to contribute to the whole security of the network.”

The smartphone will likewise incorporate social key recovery to enable trusted contacts to assist clients with recovering their lost keys, as indicated by HTC’s site.

The phone is available to be purchased for $244 in Taiwan, Europe, and Saudi Arabia in the United Arab Emirates. It won’t be accessible in the U.S., as per a report by The Verge.