HitBTC Denies Freezing Atlas Quantum’s Funds, Claims Evidence Is Forged

Cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC has repudiated charges that it froze Brazillian investment startup Atlas Quantum’s funds, asserting the evidence is forged. 

In a Twitter contention that started on October 2, the exchange said it had no record of obstructing Atlas Quantum’s accounts.

The startup had asserted in a video on September 18 that HitBTC froze 1,862 BTC ($15.3 million) and more than $5.4 million in stablecoin Tether (USDT) in its account.

HitBTC then reacted to the tweet proceeding with the argument this week, which Atlas Quantum then deleted.

HitBTC officials asserted that the pictures of the record were phony, citing non-standard placement of figures in the balances of Atlas Quantum’s account. They said:

“We cannot confirm the recently published claims by Atlas Quantum regarding HitBTC, as we don’t have any blocked accounts with equal or similar balance. Moreover, we haven’t received any official request for assistance from Atlas Quantum team by now.”

Linking to screen shots clarifying their hypothesis, a further tweet peruses:

“Moreover, the HitBTC interface in the video has been forged.”

Atlas Quantum has yet to issue a response.

As previously reported in August, two Canadians of Indian origin were charged in the United States with a $233,220 Bitcoin fraud utilizing a phony HitBTC account on Twitter.