Hanacoin to Launch GPU Mineable Coin “HANA”


South Korean crypto startup Hanacoin is releasing a GPU mineable coin with the ticker symbol “HANA” through the Lyra2Rev2 algorithm

HANA enables instant payments to anyone across the globe. It utilizes peer-to-peer technology to operate without a central authority. Money issuance and transaction management are performed collectively by the network. It will donate coins to a local charity every year.

HANA is designed to be an ASIC resistant coin and immediately adjusts to hash power increases via its Dark Gravity Wave V3 difficulty adjustment algorithm. The currency is created as a payment system and store of wealth for young adults.

The signing of the peace treaty among China, the USA, South Korea, and North Korea on June 12 will be a significant historical moment for Koreans after the end of world war II. Hanacoin selected this momentous day to release its new digital currency. In Korean, Hana means “one.”


The coin leverages three key strategies to make it unique from others in the market.

  • Hanacoin will utilize an aggressive marketing strategy focusing on music, sports, and eSports.
  • Hanacoin has the flexibility to immediately adapt to disruptive technology without relying on the consensus from competitors.
  • Its developers will control the coin by keeping it ASIC resistant.
  • Charitable donations of Hanacoins to give back to the community.


Hanacoin seeks to create a coin that can:

  • Utilize the best technology available.
  • Cooperate and comply with regulators.
  • Integrate with current tap and go payment systems.
  • Be adopted as a mainstream form of cryptocurrency.
  • Be utilized for quick transactions with minimal or zero transaction fees.

The developers are continuously creating a graduate program with local universities to produce brilliant digital currency developers in the future.


HANA is not a privacy coin. It will be a transparent coin with public ledgers and will comply with existing regulations. Anonymity and privacy-oriented currencies are becoming a pervasive and usually contentious subject. It resulted in various figures in the government and media casting a distrustful eye on such protocols, worrying that it might become a medium for illegal and illicit activities. Hanacoin believes privacy coins will fall under enhanced government scrutiny over the next years.

HANA will list on exchanges once there is enough demand for the coin. It invites everyone to participate in mining by visiting their website.